10 Food You Can Buy With RM10

Prices in food are always increasing. Now what’s the cheapest food you can find in 2017?  Have you ever wondered what you can eat with just RM10? Like…just RM10 for real. There’s actually a lot of food students can buy with just RM10.


1. Roti Canai

food you can buy with rm10

You can get roti canai in every mamak and it is sold in a cheap price. The normal roti canai you can get usually cost around RM1 – RM2. If you’re thinking what about roti telur or any other roti? Those roti you can usually get around the price RM2 – RM4.

2. Maggie Goreng

what food can you get with RM10

Maggie goreng is also another food that you can find in any mamak store. The maggie I always eat outside my house mamak only cost me RM4.00. But for other mamak, it’ll probably cost around RM4.50 – RM6. 50 for a plate of maggie goreng depending on which restaurant you go.

3. Nasi Goreng

what food can you get with RM10

You can get nasi goreng everywhere, even in mamak, or those normal restaurants. The price depends on the specific place on where you get them at. Usually at mamak, it usually cost around RM5 – RM7, and for those normal restaurants out there, usually it cost around RM8-RM9.

4. Economy Rice

what food can you get with RM10Economy rice is also known as “chap fan”. You can find economy rice almost everywhere, what’s good about economy rice? heh. It’s cheap and you can choose what kind of dishes you want to eat. The price for economy rice is depending on what you choose on your plate. But the price usually cost around RM5.50-RM8.

5. Asam Laksa


Asam Laksa! Anyone craving for some asam laksa right now? Because I AM! Well, you can get asam laksa at any hawker or nyonya stall. You can even get them at pasar malam. The price for asam laksa is around RM5-RM8.

6. Banana Leaf Rice

what food can you get with RM10

What’s good about banana rice is that you can get as much rice as you want. Per set for a banana leaf rice is RM8-RM9. One set comes with rice, few dishes and curry. Rice mixed with curry always tastes the best btw! <3

7. Curry Laksa

what food can you get with RM10

Curry Laksa is known as the Malaysian’s all time favourite food. Curry laksa tastes the best with extra spicy, and tofu puffs. yumm. You can also get curry laksa at hawker stalls or anywhere. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find them everywhere here. The average price for curry laksa is RM5.50 – RM7.50.

8. Mee Siam


You can get mee siam at morning market, hawker stalls, mamak or night market. Mee Siam is sold at a cheap price if you’re planning to buy it at morning market. I usually bought it for around RM3.50-RM4.50.

9. Char Kway Teow

food you can buy with RM10

This is the WINNER! Char Kway Teow omg. 😋😋 The price for Char Kway Teow has been increasing over the years. The price now is around RM6.50-RM7.50 I believe? hmm.. I remember last time it was like around RM3.50 a plate omg 😖😖😖

10. Rojak


If you’re craving for some sweet and sour stuff, Rojak is what you should go for! It is very tasty depending on which shop you go. Some shop actually sell rojak that doesn’t taste very good… 😟😟😟 but mostly they sell delicious rojak <3 yummm. The price is around RM4-RM7.

I'm the real salt bae <3