10 tips to save your freshman’s year! Trust us!

One day you will be finishing your first year of studies, then enjoy the holiday and come back to uni just to see… many new, young faces around? Suddenly you feel so senior and almost proud for surviving the first year already. And your heart skips a beat when a freshie asks you for a way to some faculty and you KNOW where it actually is, because you’re an experienced student!

How great is that 🙂 Oh, those small moments of happiness, we all experience them from time to time.

We felt this too! So now we decided to share some of the most crucial tips we think you should know about surviving your first year of college. May the force be with you 😉

1. Keep all your files in the cloud! Google Drive, Dropbox, any other option – but don’t only rely on saving them on your hard drive!

There’s nothing worse than losing an assignment from a laptop because someone accidentally deleted it. Or what if your computer breaks down one day before the presentation deadline? Too scary!

2. Attend the classes on time. Really.

Even though being on time is not the typical behavior in Malaysia, being present in class since the beginning of the lecture till the end can seriously help to up your grades. Case study? There’s a professor we know, who drops hints about what’s going to be one of the questions during the test. BUT he would only say such stuff at the very beginning of the class, so the latecomers wouldn’t know! Case number two: some professors actually lock the classroom door and do not let the latecomers in!

Now this is the motivation to wake up for these morning classes!

3. Don’t get too crazy over coffee!

We all know how it is, especially during the exam prep – but in the long run, the more coffee you drink, the more your body gets used to it! And you end up being a serious coffee drinker, needing at least 3 espressos to get your brain going. Try some energy drinks and green tea instead.

4. Get to know your professors

Yup, your professors are humans just like you and me. And if you figure out a way to become well connected with your professors, the study life will become such a bliss!

5. Always check if your plate or cup is microwavable. Always.

Unless you want to end up like this:

6. Bathroom = flip flops

Don’t even dare to walk barefoot in the hostel shower room. Trust us.

7.  Join student clubs! As many as you feels like.

Student clubs are the best – they give you additional experience, prepare you for your first job and organise the more epic parties. And of course, you get to meet hundreds of new people!

Remember, you’re not a full-time employee. You don’t have to stick to one club. Actually, it’s better if you try out different organisations before finding out your true calling. Good luck!

8. Be confident, get out of your comfort zone, and try new things.

Being in college is the best time to put yourself out there and just go with the flow!

9. Set an alarm and put it somewhere far away from your bed.

If you have to wake up and get up in order to reach your alarm clock, you decrease the chance of hitting snooze and falling asleep again. And if you really can’t wake up in the morning. put your alarm clock in the closet, under your clothes! So you actually have to search for it and dig through the clothes pile. If this will not wake you up, you must be a zombie!

10. If you have any issues with your roommate, talk it over.

Don’t let the problem escalate to some crazy boiling point. You guys are going to spend so much time together, it’s better to talk about issues and solve them fast.

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.