10 Types Of Students You Can Find In Erican College

College life are supposed to be beautiful, fun and also making memorable memories with your friends. When you say the word “college” people would usually imagine you sitting on the grass, chilling or studying with a group of friends. But you’ll probably thinking what type of student really exist in college? hmmm.. Actually here’s some types of students that you can find in Erican College.

1. The “always sleep in class” student

I am sure in every class you go, there is always this one person who always sleep during the class. It’s like they have not enough sleep the night before or they really stay up late just to do their ‘assignment’ or well…who knows if they go to a party and got wasted? hmm 😏

2. The “first in class” student

Types Of Students

In every class, there’s always this student who is always the earliest in class. Even if they’re the earliest, they would just sit on their seat either studying or scrolling through Facebook. Also, they are the one who always attend the class as in no absent at all and has all the notes for the lecture class.

3. The “late to class” student

That few person who are always late to class. 😂 Late to class or not, they always give excuses why they are late… this and that.. Well, there some people even though they are late, they tend to sneak out in the middle of the class pretending to use the toilet but they just sneak out somewhere to have their sweet time.

4. The “Partygoer” student

In every class, there’s always a group of people who goes to party every week. Most people would go during the weekends, but for them even weekdays they are always on for a party. Other than the partygoer, we also have students who always jio go yumcha. Yumcha every night, play games with each other and chill even there’s class the next day.

5. The “look like they just got out of bed” student

The students who have no time to tidy up themselves always show up in class looking like they just got out from the bed. With messy hair, t-shirt, shorts and slipper…uhh.. Are you going to class or going to bed?? At least tidy up a bit so that you look more like a clean and tidy person.

6. The “normal” student

types-of-student-in-collegeThis is everyone. As in normal students. Who goes to college to study, attend events, forum, join in college’s activities. A student who enjoy their normal student college life.

7. The “slacker” student

The slacker student is known as those who doesn’t do their work. It would be pain in the ass to be in the same group with a slacker. If you’re in the same group with them, do you know what does it mean? means you’re doomed or else you can do all the work by yourself. 🤷

8. The “i don’t know” students

This student is the one where you ask them a question, all they say is “i don’t know”. Whatever you ask, they will give you the “i don’t know” answer. And what’s worst than the “i don’t know” student is the one who do not even know ‘where’s the class’, ‘what time is the class’, ‘what class is this’ and ‘who’s the lecturer’. 🤔🤔

9.The “technology addict” student

In every class there is that one, two or few people who are always on the phone or laptop. Those who are on the laptop, you’ll probably wondering “wa, so hardworking ah? are you typing notes?” but nope..they are actually browsing FaceBook. To those that always on the phone, things that they’ll probably do is playing with Snapchat filter, browsing Facebook, or on Twitter. 🤷🤔

10. The “gossip queen & drama queen” student

In every class, there is always one person or a group of ‘gossip queen’. What do they do? Well…they gossip about other people of course! When they sit in a group, they tend to talk about what this person did, what happened, this and that. Also, there’s some people in class who like to talk non-stop even when the lecturer is teaching. Like..excuse me? Are you here to study or here to talk? 🙄🙄 But drama queen are the worst. Drama queen is known as someone who are tend to be “too dramatic”.


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