15 movie franchises we can’t wait to watch in 2017! BESIDES MARVEL & DC

Movies have grown in the last century from silent moving images to the marvels of colour, and so on so forth. In the recent decades, movies have started to expand their stories beyond one film. This has slowly spawned into sequels, prequels, threequels, sagas, spin-offs, and even expansion of storylines through TV series.

So I’ve decided to compile a list of franchises that will be having releases on the big screen that might give you more reading up to do [because all unnecessary facts are very necessary]. You might think I’m mad, but it’s nice to know how stories being displayed on the screen came about. It’s a wonderful journey finding out more about their source materials, the puzzle pieces in each film that leads up to something bigger [Avengers(2012) la].

Just to be fair, I will not be touching on the Marvel or DC cinematic universe, Because I doubt anyone wants to read my thesis anyway.

The “DEI, ENOUGH LA!” Franchises!


Entering this year with a fifth entry, the Transformers universe is vast and covers way too many Autobots that don’t seem to make it to the next movie. With Optimus Prime returning to planet Earth sporting purple eyes [contact lens promo kut], he seems to have turned against the Autobots. Of course, nobody knows why and there are a few theories floating out there, but the closest so far would be that Optimus Prime is possessed by Unicron [tak tahu, pi baca]. This is actually good news, because personally I can’t think of a villain bigger or greater than Unicron [this bugger is planet-sized], meaning this could really be the end! Then again, that’s what I told myself about the third and fourth film, fooling myself into going to the cinemas. Hats off to Michael Bay for still trying though, and to the Hollywood execs that think earnings matter more than ratings.



The F&F Franchise was given a wonderful opportunity to close its curtains with a poetic end [terima kasih, James Wan], in line with the passing of the Paul Walker. But even before the death of Paul Walker, the franchise had already brought in veteran action star, Kurt Russell, to further propel the franchise to hit the 10th movie mark. STAHP, we kenot d! Seriously, have you guys not had enough of the F&F franchise? Because to be honest, there’s really not much you can discuss about it, after the emergence of the Fast 4(2009). WHAT HAPPENED TO STORIES ABOUT ILLEGAL RACING? Did the police actually start doing their job in the States, forcing our Familia to run off to other countries to wreck sh*t up? Why not.



Bringing in Hollywood greatest bad guy, Javier Bardem, could bring about a clear sign of winning the hearts of fans back, after their fiasco with On Stranger Tides(2011). Or a much clearer sign of desperation. Of course, everyone agrees that PotC should have wrapped up with At World’s End(2007). But if that’s how you see things, then you can never be a Hollywood exec. This phrase has also been thrown around quite a lot, but let’s hope that this is truly THE LAST OUTING FOR JOHNNY DEPP AS JACK SPARROW. There, I said it. Leave him be, I’m more excited to see what can he do for the [JAGA-JAGA, SPOILER[ Fantastic Beasts franchise as Gellert Grindelwald.


The “Ada Potensi” Franchises


Now, if you’re not an anime fan, then it’s understandable why you’re confused about why a bunch of people are NOT happy with Scarlett Johansson being casted as the lead. I mean, Scar Jo is hot AF [korang apasal ni?]! Well the issue is not with her, but it’s with the producers of the film that have opted to cast a Caucasian [white is not politically correct. HAH[ instead of casting an actor native to the story. The anime has a lot in depth stories that will rip you out of your seat make you question the things you do in general, which translates to more than one film. Fun fact, this anime was also the inspiration behind The Matrix(1999)! Few famous fans of this anime include Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. So, if this anime can rake up such fans, don’t you think the movie might too?



The LEGO Movie was a fun ride, since everything about it was awesome. And then we had the great fortune of seeing the other side of Batman’s [rather lonely] life in Wayne Manor. But these were exploring on characters or franchises that we’re familiar with. Lego has decided to enter into relatively unknown territory by announcing the Lego NINJAGO Movie.  That’s TWO Lego movies in a year. The story revolves around 4 ninjas [Kai, Jay, Cole & Zane], gathered by Sensei Wu to help stop the forces of evil. Not only is it from a line from Lego, but it also has its own TV series with 6 seasons so far. Why not?



We’ve all seen The Mummy trilogy with Brendan Fraser back in the day, developing a fear of beetles momentarily for me. Well, Universal Studios have decided to reboot the franchise, with a bit of help from “friends” owned by Universal Pictures. Here’s a few simple reasons why you should check it out. Tom Cruise is in it, and has not disappointed us with anything in the past few years. Sofia Boutella, who played Gazelle with the prosthetic blade-legs in Kingsman : Secret Service(2014), will be the Mummy [feminism win!] Russell Crowe is also in the movie, playing the role of Dr. Henry Jekyll. Based on THAT fact, this means that Universals Pictures will be bringing in “friends” such as The Invisible Man, Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolf Man, so much more!



Brought to you by Luc Besson who brought to us wonders like the Transporter franchise, the Taken franchise, and the sci-fi cult-hit The Fifth Element(1997), action is definitely a part of Besson’s forte. This movie however is based on a French sci-fi comic, Valérian & Laureline, revolving two time-and-space-travelling agents in their attempts to save the planet. With Dane Dehaan [Harry Osborn, The Amazing Spiderman 2], Cara Delevingne, and Rihanna are set to star in this English-language French Sci-fi film [what a mouthful].



With all the movies above covering mostly on action, here’s one that borders more on comedy than action. A remake of the hit TV series that launched the careers of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, this version brings in some serious comical muscles. And I mean that literally, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron in the leading roles, the premise set for these guys seems promising. What else could go wrong when you combine two buff hunks, surrounded by hot chicks, set by the beach, with action and explosions thrown in the mix? Things seem even brighter, knowing that the guys behind this movie are the same guys behind 21 Jump Street(2012) and its sequel. *slow-mo runs to the cinema*

TRAILER : https://youtu.be/gM6Yg6ZVIL8


This is the best childhood dream come true. *starts throwing karate power moves* But with a fan base that has spawned over more than a decade, Hollywood execs are definitely not going to let this potential have only one ride. Even if the main villain [Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks] appears in the first movie itself, you never know if she survives and makes another appearance [jot that down, writers!], just like its TV-series self. Changing up the actors and their Ranger colours to avoid severe racist backlash was one of the smartest moves, producing some rather original jokes [it’s in the trailer, how have you not watched it yet?].


The “MAKIN’ IT RAIN” Franchises

  1. BLADE RUNNER 2049

A direct sequel to the original that came out in 1982 [same year as the first Tron], the movie is set 30 years after the events of the first film. Most of our current day hotties like Ryan Gosling [sploosh] and Jared Leto [double sploosh] have been signed on to be in the cast, even the original lead, Harrison Ford is back in a role pivotal to the plot. The fact that this movie was considered a sci-fi cult hit, and analysed with precision [study kaw kaw] to figure out the themes that were being explored or displayed made this movie into something that is said to be able to withstand time. So let’s see what else electric sheep really dream of when they sleep.



Eggsy is back! Although I know most of you teared up with Colin Firth’s character, Harry Hart [codename Galahad], is said to be making a return in the second instalment. After the success of the first movie, which was an instant hit with its perfect pacing and youthful vibrancy pumped in, studio execs immediately greenlit a sequel. Retaining its director, Matthew Vaughn of X-Men : First Class(2011) and Kick-Ass fame, has taken the liberty of trying his hardest to “write-in” Colin Firth’s character due to the overwhelming response from audiences. You can’t go wrong with King George VI now, can you?

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CAESAR IS BACK HOME! The third instalment of the Planet of the Apes prequel trilogies is set throw in more fighting, more emotions, more monkeys and obviously make more ticket sales! A franchise that is set to be nearly 50 years old, with its first entry being released way back in 1968, the franchise has come a long way. While it may be hard to connect the old and new franchise due to the time of Caesar’s birth [new franchise cited his birth in present day, while the old one placed him in the 70s and well aware of the Apes’ future], it would have been a giant amazing circle drawn over 50 years. But let’s not dream too far and enjoy more of Caesar’s impactful usage of minimal vocabulary.



A sequel to 2012’s Prometheus, the colony ship Covenant is another expedition sent out by the ominous Weyland-Yutani Corporation to help humanity begin space colonisation. The crew of the 6th instalment find themselves on a planet that seems oddly desolate, while there is vegetation growth. Ridley Scott [director and creator] has stated whether you’d like it or not, there will be three films expanding on the Xenomorph mythos, giving us plenty of teasing before finally coming to a closure in our lives as to who created the first Xenomorph to scare the crap out of Sigourney Weaver [5 bucks says it was Deacon in Prometheus]. And reports have shown that we will be seeing Michael Fassbender [both as a new android and the old one] and Noomi Rapace in this follow-up, because… sequels.



One of the biggest and longest consistent movie franchises around, Star Wars holds onto our cinematic history with an 8th [technically 9th if you include Rogue One(2017)] instalment of the Skywalker saga on its 40th year anniversary. The anticipation that has been built so far is mostly around the fact that we would finally get to hear Luke Skywalker’s voice on screen after 34 years of bad prequels and way too many novels and comics out there [most of it have been regarded non-canon]. You have to commend Disney for trying to spice things up and watch the Star Wars franchise get a life of its own and continue to grow. It’s so majestic. *wipes tear*

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Before we unveil the last in this category, thought I might refresh your brains with something a little different!


Currently a standalone film by Netflix, the story revolves around a cop [Will Smith] and his partner [Joel Edgerton], who is an Orc, goes on their routine night patrol until things go horribly wrong. Sounds odd? David Ayer (Director of Fury(2014), Suicide Squad(2016)] is having a satirical take on characters of their mythical lands and places them in our present time. The premise of this film is set in a time where humans and mythical creatures live alongside each other. But seeing that Edgerton’s character is the first Orc cop, this means tensions between the species are still high. Let’s see how the Fresh Prince handles this with his wrinkly forehead and tendency of repeating other people’s lines to make them sound stupid for even saying it in the first place. By the way, this is only available for Netflix, so get subscribing!


And now… The King of all Franchises goes to…


With a franchise that blew away the world back in 1933, the 8th wonder of the world is back in action, in a new shared MonsterVerse. Legendary Pictures have decided to team up with Warner Bros, giving them a slight upper hand in trying to compete with the big guy right now, Disney. Kong : Skull Island is a reboot of the classic story in the same universe as Godzilla. While there may have been official announcements so far from the producers of this franchise, but the only actual clues from the movies so far is from a promo clip [“Monster Exist”] where Bill [John Goodman] says that his “agency is known as Monarch, we specialize in the hunt for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms [M.U.T.O.]. Since the movie just reached our shores and I do not want to ruin you spoiler-free life, GO WATCH IT!


Now that you have my guidance, check those timetables of yours and start rejoicing [or weeping]! So tell us in the comments, do you have any other movie franchises that you think I might have missed out that deserves to be on this list [unless it’s the “DEI ENOUGH LA!” category]? Look out for the next article where I go more in-depth [if that’s possible] about the Marvel & DC Cinematic Universe!