4 Must Go Places In Bau, Sarawak

Bau is known as a gold mining town that is located in Kuching. Bau is approximately 1 hour away from Kuching. If you are finding for some fun activities to do in Kuching, you should head to Bau and take a look at these place. Also, if you are someone who more on going for a sightseeing or prefer going somewhere with fresh air, I think these place is for you.

1. Fairy Cave, Bau


In Fairy Cave, there are a few things you can do. Well, Fairy Cave is more on the rough side if you’re planning to come here. First, you can go for rock climbing. For rock climbing, there are 8 separated walls for climbing. If you’re a beginner, you can start from the easiest first then only move to another level and so on. All hangers and bolt there has been certified by International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (IMCF). If you’re not into rock climbing or you are still new to it, maybe you can go explore around the Fairy Cave. The are easy path and rough path, if you are a first timer, I would encourage you to go for the easy path first.

The admission fee for Fairy Cave is free and it is open on Monday to Sunday from 8:30am to 4pm.

2. Wind Cave, Bau


Wind Cave is 5km away from Fairy Cave and it is more on the smooth limestone cave. It is not as rough as Fairy Cave. In here, you will be able to find some rare species such as Arenga Pinnata and Calamus Ornatus. There’s one creature you have to look out at for in the cave is bats (Dusky Fruit Bats). This cave is very dark, has lots of bats and it is very cool in there. If you’re planning to visit here, make sure you bring an extra shirt and torchlight with you! (Extra tip: If can don’t bring too much stuff (bags) with you).

The admission fee for Non-Malaysian is RM5 and for Malaysian adult is RM1. It is open on Monday to Sunday from 8:30am to 4pm.

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3. Tasik Biru (Blue Lake), Bau

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After visiting Fairy Cave, you can come to Tasik Biru (Blue Lake) which is also known as the site of gold mine, to take a look at the scenery. Other than that, you can come here with your family or friends to have a picnic but not any kind of human activities as the water is not safe. This place is so beautiful that you can come here for some photography. This place may be beautiful but a sign was put up at there to warn visitor NOT to swim, fish or drink the water at the lake as the water contain high level of arsenic. So make sure not to stand to close to the lake.

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4. Serikin Market, Bau


Serikin Market is 3km from the Malaysia-Indonesia boarder. This market is only open on the weekend and it is popular among the local, tourists, and Indonesian. Also, this place is well known for its boarder trading among Malaysia and Indonesia. There are a lot of stuff that you can get in this market. Things you can get from here are some dried/fresh food, tradition bitter chips, traditional clothing, weaving beads bags, woven mats, wooden crafts, batik sarong, cane furniture, local keropok and more! This place is good to buy some souvenir to your friends or family. AND if you’re lucky enough, there are some stall that actually still sell butod which is also known as sago worm.

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Fun Fact: How Bau Got Its Name


Did you know where the name ‘Bau’ came from? Well, this place was originally named as ‘Mau San’ by the Chinese Miners. But then due to the incident of many death in the Ghost Cave, and from the fact that the place pave reeked of odour after many deaths that the place has witness. That’s eventually how this place got the name ‘Bau’ (smelly in Malay language).

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