5 Amazing Place To Go In Sabah

If you are someone new to Sabah, or someone who is travelling/studying in Sabah finding places to go around Sabah during the weekend or holiday, you probably might want to have a look in this blog. As you know Sabah is situated at Northern Borneo. If you are into nature, there are a lot to do in Sabah and Sarawak. If you would love to read about the things you can do or place to go in Sarawak, you can read our blog, 4 Must Go Places In Bau, Sarawak5 Interesting Place To Go In Kuching, Sarawak and 5 AWESOME PLACE TO VISIT IN MIRI. Here’s some places you can go in Sabah to enjoy the beauty of nature and to relax your mind.

1. Tanjung Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo)


When you’re in Sabah, you should visit this place at least once to see the Tip of Borneo. You can enjoy the beach here because it is very clean, also if you’re here early, you can enjoy the sunset or snap some photos. There are a few chalet available there if you’re planning on staying there.

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2. Menara Kayangan (Tower of Heaven)

imgp1734If you’re more on photography or explorer, this may be the place for you. It has a nice view and if you are lucky, there’s wild animals at the road. In this place there are a nice view and also nice air. If you want to see the view, it is either you want to climb 8 stairs up to see or you can see it at the platform located in front of the tower.

3. Bukit Tengkorak (Skull Hill)


This place is called Skull Hill, but no worries, there are no skull there. 😉 This place is located in Semporna and it takes around 15-30 minutes to reach there. The best time to climb here is during the morning or evening. When you reach the top, you will know that this place is worth the climb. 🙂 Not only the fresh air, it also the beautiful view and the peaceful wind.

4. Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden


For this place, it would be better to go with a guide because they will provide you information about the plants and everything. You can find many species of plants here that can be found in the Borneo rainforests. The path here are also easy to walk around.

5. Monsopiad Cultural Village


This is one of the historical place you can go. If you love culture, nature or history of Monsopiad, this is a great place for you. ☺️ You will be able to learn a lot from here, such as bamboo dance, sumazau dance and more!

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