Miri is known as Sarawak’s second city. It is a thriving oil town that is busy and modern. The food here is good, and there are plenty of things to do. Miri is a coastal city that is in northeastern Sarawak, Malaysia located near the boarder of Brunei. There are these places in Miri that I could recommend to you go. Here’s some of the recommendations.

1. The Grand Old Lady


The Grang Old Lady is located at Canada Hill. Canada Hill is also known as Bukit Telaga Minyak by the locals and it is popular for its first oil well drilled – The Grand Old Lady. The Grand Old Lady is Miri’s first drilled oil and it is one of Miri’s many main places of interest. Petroleum Museum is located just right next to The Grand Old Lady. If you like about educational/history, you should give this place a try. ☺️

Operation hours: 

Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 10pm

Saturday – Sunday, 8am – 10pm

2. Tusan Beach


Tusan Beach is one of the new attractive place in Miri. This beach is very beautiful and guess what? You will be able to see the most beautiful view of the sunset here. 😍 This beach is around 30 minutes away from Miri but it is worth the time to come here. 😍😍

3. Crocodile Farm


If you love to see animals, this may be one of the place in Miri you can go. In here, there are crocodile show, horse riding, experiencing feeding the crocodile and Pirarucu (North America Species), and photo taking with exotic wildlife animal such as crocodile and python snakes.


Local Adult: RM20

Local Child: RM10 (Above age 12-years-old count as adult)

Foreigner Adult: RM36

Foreigner Child: RM16 (Below age 3-years-old, admission fee is free)

Operation hours:

Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

4. Lambir Hills National Park


If you are a person who love jungle trekking, sighting of insects, wildlife, plants, photography and dipping in waterfall but you have not enough time to do those in one day, Lambir Hills National Park is definitely for you! You can do all of those there. There are wild pigs, flying squirrels, 237 species of birds, 46 species of reptiles, 64 species of mammals, 20 species of frogs and large mammals such as gibbons and sun bear are absent or very rare. If you’re planning on stay overnight, there are accommodation available. For more information about accommodation, visit here.



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5. Gunung Mulu National Park


In Gunung Mulu National Park, there are a cave called Deer Cave which is also known as Gua Rusa. This cave attract the tourists to go there. In deer cave, you will be able to see different kind of  bats. You will also be able to see the beauty of nature in here. hehehe 🤣



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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) – I am currently curating an assignment with @natgeoyourshot entitled “EPIC," inviting you to use your photography as a creative canvas to express your understanding of the word ‘ EPIC’ and how it can be portrayed in a single image. This photograph captures a time and place that to me has left a lasting memory of being truly epic. I remember in 2005, when I was part of a team that discovered this huge underground chamber in Whiterock in Sarawak, Malaysia (pictured). We were super excited! Our first thoughts were to shout out loud to hear the echo. It took six seconds for the echo from our initial shout to fade, hit the far wall, then bounce back to us. Even though we couldn’t see anything, we knew immediately from the echo that this was a huge room. It was epic! A few days later, we came back and split up into two teams and surveyed around the perimeter walls. From one side of the chamber, I remember looking down several giant piles of rocks and boulders and in the distance we could just see four tiny figures, our teammates mapping the other side. They were several hundred feet away. We had Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd playing from some small speakers in the top of one guys backpack. It was surreal and very epic. An extremely proud and emotional memory. Can you spot all four figures in this photograph firing off flashbulbs to illuminate the cave?

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