5 Budget Retreats Students Can Go With Their Friends In Malaysia

Well, this post is for those universities students who are always broke but would like to go to a budget retreat with their high school friends, college friends etc. Or you are just so sick of staying in your hostel and need some serious gateway! I have found some of the cheapest budget retreats in Malaysia for you guys who has been waiting to go for a trip but still want to save some money!

1. Sekeping Serendah


If you love to take a journey back to the nature, this is actually a place for you and your friends to enjoy the nature. Imagine waking up to birds chirping, and the fresh air coming from the forest.. Well, this place is only less than an hour from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur.



2. Sekeping Kong Heng


Sekeping Kong Heng is located at Ipoh, Perak. If you prefer going to a so called old skool place, this place is a must! It is quite similar to Sekeping Serendah, but this, is more like a townhouse kind of place. You can go to the courtyard and take pictures for your IG post!



3. The Dusun


The Dusun consists of a few types of house. It depends on which price you would like to book your room. The Dusun is another type of nature kind of retreat that I believed everyone would love.



RM400 – RM500 (2 adults and 1 kid)

4. Titi Eco Farm


In Titi Eco Farm, you can do many types of activities here. You can go for a farm tour, yoga, BBQ party, flying fox, photography’s haven, bubble making and relax&recharge.




5. Bamboo Village


Bamboo Village is kind of like Kampung style of lifestyle. Now, they has opened their door to visitors and volunteers. As volunteer, you need to work for them for 3-5 hours a day and your stay would be counted as RM20 per day which is a good bargain! The prices for the stay here is very affordable. If you stay there for minimum 7 days and work for volunteer, there will be no charges! OMG! Let’s go!


RM20-RM40 per pax

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