5 Cleaning And Organizing Hacks For Students!

As a busy student in Malaysia universities there must be some time that you’ve must be too lazy to clean your room. Piling up the trendy clothes in your closet, power cords everywhere and smelly room. There are actually a lot of cleaning and organizing hacks for all the lazy people out there! And it honestly a lifesaver for all the lazy students out there!

1. DIY Charging Station


Well, I am sure that 99% of you have a messy power charging station that looks like this. Do you know that there is another way to prevent your charging cord to become tangled like this?


This is actually how to prevent your charging cords from being tangled from each other. Other than keeping your charging cord from being tangled from each other,  this DIY is also fun to do! Here’s how to do it;

  1. You will need a shoe box, decorations for your box, power extension cord and cutter.
  2. First, take your box and decorate it.
  3. Next, cut 1 hole at the lower corner of one end of the box. Make sure the hole is big enough for the extension cord to go through.
  4. Cut (6) 1-inch holes in front of the shoebox for the power cords to pass through
  5. Lastly, plug in all the charger and it is ready to use!

2. Closet Hack


Well…any of you have a closet that looks like this? D: If you do, here’s how you can actually organize your closet so that it look neat and clean!


You can use can pull rings (those Coca Cola or Mountain Dew can ring) to do it! It is cheap and neat! Other than those, you can also recycle those can pull rings to do this hack! All you need to do is just separate the pull rings from the can, insert that pull ring into the hanger and TADAAAAA its done!

3. Cleaning Hack (Bread)


This hack is a life saver! If you ever broke a cup, even if you clean it, I’m sure there is those tiny piece of shattered glass on the floor where you can’t see. Just by using a piece of bread, you can actually clean those shards of the floor. Just take a bread and press it onto the floor. That should help you to pick up those shards.

4. Cleaning Hack (Lint Roller)


Crumbs on the carpet or floor can be really annoying. Imagine walking around the house, stepping on those bread crumbs…ew… The easiest way to clean those crumbs on the carpet is by using a lint roller. Just roll the lint roller on the carpet and you should pick those crumbs up in a minute!


5. Smelly Room Hack


If your room smell bad, and you have company coming over..this is hack is for you! Tape a dryer sheet over your air conditioner. Run the air conditioner until your room transform into a fragrance wonderland like Sunway Lagoon Theme Park! Okay maybe I’m the only weird one that loves the smell of a theme park.

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