5 Facts That Only UM Students Know

No matter if you are an UM student or alumni – you’ve probably experienced all of the things on this list many times during your studies! Only a true UM student would know that…

1)  UM is a very happening university


UM organizes a lot of activities – from FESENI (Festival Seni UM) and SUKMUM (Sukan Mahasiswa/i UM). Students from different colleges (= different hostels) always compete against each other to see which college wins.

Throughout the year, there are many big scale events happening: like PTUM (Pesta Tanglung UM), which showcases many interesting performances prepared by students themselves!

Still thinking that UMis boring? Then get to know about the magical place called….

2) Bukit Cinta


Usually, during a morning, evening or even night time,  the sports addicts from the campus would be jogging around the hill in UM. But what’s less obvious, but very common: many couples can be seen there holding hands, walking around (so sweet~), that’s why it is called Bukit Cinta.

3) RM 4 lunch


Most of the Chinese students in UM would sooner or later get bored with the campus food. The obvious choice for them is a famous restaurant nearby the campus – Kim Seng in SS17, to “tapao” their Chinese food.

The place is often called “RM 3.60” instead of Kim Seng, because till recently, u could choose 3 dishes plus rice for only RM 3.60 which is cheap and also delicious! However, now the price has already increased to RM 4. This place is always crowded with UM students during lunch or dinner hours!

4) UM – top 1 university? Not really…


Although ranked as the “Top 1 University in Malaysia”, many students believe that UM still has many things to improve. Some of the on-campus services are not really up to standard, especially the facilities (maybe due to budget cuts).

It’s not a “school of nerds” though! Like many universities, UM also has quite a number typical students who skip classes and study once in a semester – while preparing for the exams, while chilling out during the rest of the year. But ok, true – UM has quite a number of motivated foreign students and good lecturers who always work hard to improve the uni’s rank. Props to them!

5) UM is always competitive


Students have to stay active and join many college activities to be able to score a place to stay in the campus hostel, or else they have to move to a private accommodation. Motivating much?

Besides, students have to register online for their chosen courses every semester. Usually, the online system opens at 9 AM. By that time, UM students already sit in front of their computers and try to grab the slot for the subject. This can “make it or break it” for every student’s lifestyle for the whole semester! Stressful time!