5 Insta-Worthy Places In Kuching, Sarawak

If you’re from Kuching, you probably know most of the instagrammable place in Kuching. But to those who are not from Kuching, but currently studying or visiting Kuching, here’s some places that you can go and take pictures for your Instagram. These place will make your picture look more insta-worthy. 😉😉

1. Chinatown

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K u c h i n g 🐱

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In Chinatown, you can find murals on the wall while walking. There are a lot of murals that you can find there. Taking picture standing in front of the mural wall can be instagrammable as well! Also, if you do not like the idea of taking picture in front of the mural, you can take picture standing and posing at the same time. 😆

2. Rooftop

Taking picture at rooftop has been a trend nowadays. It may be hot/sunny, but it’s worth it for a picture! Just imagine someone asking you where did you take your picture and you’re like..’ummm some random rooftop?’. Also, another reason why you should take a picture at rooftop is because of the buildings, and the scenery behind you.

3. Coloured Wall

Say YAY to plain coloured wall. These kind of wall will make your picture look way better. Also, I think it’ll make you pretty or handsome. 😍😍

4. LimKokWing Borneo

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geng geng lkw ba dis 🔥

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If you like murals, there are some located at LimKokWing Borneo. Look at the first picture, it’s looking very pretty and natural…and they are all wearing pink! Pose with your friends with a picture! You won’t regret it. hehehe

5. Kuching Waterfront

This place is a must to take a picture aight? Everyone who visit Kuching, they surely come here for a picture to keep it as a memory. And also, you can show to your friends that you actually went to Kuching for holiday or studies!

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