5 Kuala Lumpur Stereotypes That Are Just WRONG

The moment you are here reading this, you know that you are either from KL or you’re my stalker(?) you hate KL and KL people. Kuala Lumpur is the place where most people from states outside of KL yearning to be exposed to more opportunities on studies and work, get a high paying job, and experience the fast-paced living environment. Problem here is that, stereotypes are formed when people make general opinions about people they don’t even know, they stereotype KL and KL people even before they actually visit KL. So these are the stereotypes KL gets all the time.

Read Kuala Lumpur In The Eyes of the Non-KLites if you haven’t already done so.

All Chinese can speak Cantonese

Yes, we all agree that KL has more Cantonese speaking people than other Chinese dialects, but not all of them can speak or even understand Cantonese lah. Some of my friends, they understand Cantonese but couldn’t speak it fluently, and whenever uncles aunties talk to them in Cantonese, they reply in Mandarin, uncles aunties will go like, “eyy you are KL lang how come you don’t speak Cantonese?” <- (still asking in Cantonese…)

Friends trying hard to reply in broken Cantonese, “uh… uncle I’m from KL but I speak other language at home with parents”, “nohhh you can speak Cantonese very well mah, aiyo why speak Mandarin when you are in KL”.

KL where got nice food one

Food in KL might not be the best, but hey, not every food in your states are good too, don’t paint everything with the same brush. You just haven’t explored enough the divine food in KL yet, there are still some hidden restaurants or food at places only KL-ites know 😎 Want to know where them at? Keep yourself updated by paying attention to our blog, Facebook, and Instagram, we might feature them in the next article!


We are always accused of being materialistic and snobby, but is it really us KL-ites or people from other states who based in KL? If you, unfortunately, happened to be caught up in office politics, take a look at those two-faced colleagues, and around your office, I guarantee you more than half of them are not even from KL. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, a fast-paced city where big companies are based in, you could say KL changed them into materialistic human being, but NEVER NEVER put the blame on KL people. Again, don’t paint everyone with the same brush, not every KL-ites are materialistic; not every non-KL-ites are as innocent as lambs too.

Anywhere further than 15 mins is FAR

KL is a big city, we have multiple highways like NPE, LDP, NKVE, DUKE etc, from an area to another area like Bangsar to TTDI, takes approximately 15 minutes of driving distance without traffic jam. Unlike KL, for people from other states like Perak, Penang, Melaka, or Perlis, it’s definitely a LOOOONG journey for them to travel 15 minutes within the same state. But most of us KL-ites think that a 15 minutes distance is considered sibeh near lah as for me, it takes 5 – 10 minutes just to get out of the Taman I stay at.

KL people are LCLY and cold-hearted

Non KL-ites always think that KL-ites are snobby arrogant elites who think they are few steps ahead of others from states outside of KL. Okeh… this I agree…

Non KL-ites tend to be more enthusiastic than KL-ites. You could spot the difference obviously when you have a short weekend getaway to places like Penang, Ipoh, or Sabah, people there are more likely to answer and give directions if you lost your way. But still, don’t paint everyone with the same brush. #StopUsingThisIdiomAlready

Come to KL

That all being said, we KL-ites are good people, KL is not a scary place, stay in KL, stay with us. ☺️

Pantai Hillpark

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KL Gateway Residences

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Parkview KLCC

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