5 Photo Editing And Beauty Apps That Students Should Try

Okay lets be real, who is in love with taking selfie here? You can take more than 20 selfie in one go! Or even ootd, you must take ootd everywhere! For example, if you go through Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus in Instagram, you can see a lot of ootd pictures right? (Or food pictures! Priorities!) Where should you take your next ootd picture? Check out our articles on where to get your pictures! Have you ever felt like when you’re taking a picture but your face looks dark, covered in acne spots, dark circle or your picture not beautiful enough? Because I do. I usually use these few beauty applications to edit my picture. So I thought that maybe it’ll be useful for you as well!

1. BeautyPlus


This app comes with a filter and you can also edit your picture here. You can edit your skin colour, magic brush, eye editor and more feature!


Available here:

AppStore google-play-button

2. Meitu


Meitu application let you edit and transform your selfie into a hand-drawn selfie picture. In this app, they have some cute animated animals filter for you to play around and this app let you record, pause and resume the video so that you can become the director/lead actor/actress of your very own video!


Available in:

AppStore Google Play Store

3. B612


This is one of my all time favourite app! In this app, you can find a lot of amazing and beautiful filter effects for your selfie/picture. You can even play with stickers in this app now! OMG so cool!


Available in:

AppStore Google Play Store

4. MakeupPlus


MakeupPlus is an app where you can do your fake make up. You can fill in fake eyebrows, fake lipstick and more! Well, just incase you took a picture without any make up on, you can use this app to apply some make up onto your picture.



Available in:

AppStore Google Play Store

5. Photo Wonder


Photo Wonder is one of the app that can do a lot of amazing things. You can edit/remove watermarks and edit filters here!


Available in:

AppStore Google Play Store


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