5 Things You Should Know Before Studying in Monash Clayton, Australia

Ayee mate! For those who’s planning to further their studies to the land down under, these are a few things you must be prepared for! Hope it helps.

1. The Weather


If it’s your first time arriving in Australia, be ready for the occasional 4 seasons in a day type of weather. The weather changes so crazily in Aussie that 2 hours ago it can be snowing, then few minutes later it will be extremely hot and it feels like summer again.

However on general days, what you should expect during the summer is that it would be extremely hot, sometimes it reaches 48. Your first few days of arriving in Aussie during summer would be very important to shop for table fans or stand fans because the fans get sold out so fast during summer. The first 2 weeks it would be out of stock and you need to start shopping out of town. On winter days, it is not exactly the coldest, but you would need a windbreaker to protect yourself from the chilly wind.

2. The Lifestyle


Australians are more about work life balance. Basically, the locals are very chill about what they do. So when you get there, expect a very chill-relax phase of your life. There are downsides as well, because stores generally close after 5-7pm. So if you overslept for your dinner, you got to prepare to cook for yourself! Unfortunately, there are also no more late night yumcha sessions as well! P/s: No mamak there at all k.

3. Free Food


Okay, let’s get to the most awesome part about studying in Monash abroad (Clayton), you literally get a lot of free awesome foods. Almost 3 times a week, each clubs will have an activity and they will serve you these awesome sausages with drinks. For those who are tight on your budget, pay attention to these days for each club! On top of food, you get to participate their fun events as well.

4. Long Walks & Getting Lost


Be prepared to have long walks in between lecture halls (approximately 20 – 30 minutes) and also getting lost occasionally if it is your first time in the campus. The campus is so huge that Monash actually developed an APP called my.monash that has GPS to search for each lecture halls so that you don’t get lost! Jokes aside bruh…

5. Thursday Nights


Saving the best for the last! It is mandatory for everyone who studies in Monash Clayton to know that every Thursday night is The Nott night! The Nott is a bar whereby every Thursday, Monashians will gather and have fun around the bar, so people, this is your chance to get along during the first few weeks of your Uni life. If you have friends living on-campus they usually will have pre-drink sessions in the hall before going. Par-tayy!

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