5 Thoughts To Motivate Any Malaysian Student Until The End Of Term

It’s been a tough semester for all of the students and is clear to say that we all have reached a point in our life where we are burnt out and tired. If your finals are around the corner, then this is not the time to slack off and lose track. Stop laying on your bed in the hostel! I know you found a good room from our website, hostelhunting.com but no slacking for you!

With a dose of these motivational thoughts, you will motivate yourself to hold on longer and go on!

All these are awaiting you during your sem break or after graduation! Do you miss these as much as we do?

You will not see your lecturers’ faces again 

Not seeing your lecturer’s face every morning has got to be the best parting away gift. No more endless and countless assignments every week. No more nags and complaints! So stay focus and you can get through this. You will be awarded contentment and silent serendipity.

Binge Watching TV Shows 24/7

With so many great TV series to watch, like the newest hit drama ‘Riverdale’ and teen drama mystery series ’13 Reasons Why’, you will be clinging on to your sofa for dear life. This is really the only reason why I prayed for college to be over very fast, so I can give my full attention to iFlix. No obstruction whatsoever!

Planned Holidays

How are you going to fill that lovely long break? With holidays of course. Just imagine yourself cruising on a ship, sipping lemonade juice, lying on the golden sands. Maybe you can finally take a lovely getaway with your college sweetheart to Paris, or somewhere near – like the Penang beach. But you must first earn your indulgence by not slacking off. Pull yourself together,  work hard and fantasize on the fun for now.

Being a Nocturnal Animal

You can finally have back those ridiculously long late nights that you crave so badly. The only reason why we stay up late is to chat with our BFFs or partners in secrecy, without disturbance from anyone. It’s hard managing our social life while maintaining the good grades in college, so this is a well-needed relief from our hectic busy life.

University Parties

Uni parties are always a great way to celebrate the end of another semester. They are held to pretty much distract you from the serious academic thoughts – so have fun and be responsible. You can end your term with a BANG by asking out your crush – to finish the year on an awesome note.

Just try to get through college without mentally self-destructing yourself.  Think of happy thoughts, like the points above! We are keeping fingers crossed for you!