5 tips for Malaysian students who miss their home

Among all the lonely sad feelings in the world, the worst one for me would be the feeling of homesickness. I remember the last time I had this feeling was when I was 12. I was camping at school for one of my co-curriculum activities.  I was ecstatic to leave home and enjoy my day, but as the day rolled on, I began feeling weary and eager to go home and see my parents (I won’t lie that I miss them a lot). And now being an adult and enrolling in college, this hellish experience is bound to come back again and again.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered to make you feel better anytime you start feeling sad!

1. Call that Special Someone!


“I’m only one call away, I’ll be there to save the day…”, the angelic voice of Charlie Puth. Keep regular contact with your loved ones if you want to avoid spending your night missing home and listening to the voices of your family members. Do keep it mind- this is a new experience for you to live independently, so keep phone calls short and sweet, as long chats will deprive you and make you feel worse than before.

2. Go Out and Have Fun


The time passes so much faster with a little help from your college mates. Tip: your gang can make your day so much better than just melodramas and nervousness! Explore some new area and have a meal with your friends – or suggest a movie to watch at a nearby mall. Just do anything to keep your wandering mind off from home for a while.

3.  Keep yourself busy


Create a checklist/bucket list prior attending your university. It can be anything – from meeting new friends, picking up a new sport or language or perhaps finishing to read that big RM80 novel you bought and never had the time to read through. Cause if you don’t follow the list, you’ll certainly feel lost and bored!

4. Share your feelings


Chances are that your college friends might feel the same way, so open up to them and share your feelings. They might be in the same boat as you, feeling down and lonely. In fact, going through such phrase is something most adults face sometimes, too. Plus, this may strengthen your relationship with your flatmates. It can be such a comfort to know that you aren’t alone!

5. Keep familiar things around


Travelling somewhere far is a new experience and you can encounter culture shock if you are not familiar with the country and its people. My advice is to bring something with you – something which makes you feel comfortable and at peace. It can be your journal, teddy bear or even a musical instrument. Keeping something close to you reduces stress and anxiety. Hence, with your current low mood, you need it super badly 🙂

Good luck! You can do it, champ!