5 types of Malaysians you’ll meet while taking public transportation in KL

As a student in KL, in the beginning, I was quite excited about the daily commute using LRT and bus. You know, no problem with parking, no petrol costs… Sounds not bad, right?

I only realised how annoying the public transport can be, after commuting like this for a week or so. Walking to University LRT every day, experiencing a temperature shock when you step into the LRT (everyone is so sweaty, suddenly!) and you’re stuck in a huge crowd or very smelly people. I wanted to get out ASAP!

Buses and trains can be a real survival test! Especially if you meet one of these people on your way:

1. The Sleeping Beauty

You’ll meet a lot of them in the morning. Going to work or uni and finding a seat? You’re lucky, but if you think that this will let you enjoy your personal space, you’re so wrong! If the Sleeping Beauty gets the seat next to yours, you’ll feel the weight of their head on your shoulder pretty soon. Head is actually ok. But what if they… snore? Or worse – drool as they sleep? WAH. STAY AWAY.

2. The Horny Guy

This one may be a nightmare for any girl. You’re just minding your own business, listening to music or playing games on your phone, when suddenly you feel a heavy stare on you. You look up, and there he is – some random guy, scanning your body with his eyes. You send him the angry signal with your eyes and go back to your phone, but he still keeps on staring! Best case scenario: you move and get away from the guy. Worst case: he follows you after you get out from the bus/train. CREEPY!

3. The Pusher

Going back home after the classes. Afternoon rush hours. You’re standing in a KTM or LRT when suddenly HE comes. You’ll recognise him straight away, coz he enters the train using his elbows and chest. The Pusher! This person thinks that he has the right to take his way and his space, wherever he is, even if it means literally pushing everyone to the sides by force!. AVOID AVOID!

4. The “I woke Up Too Late” Person

We all know how it is to oversleep. What a normal person would do, is to prep really fast, and just go to uni really fast. But not this person! He/She wakes up, realizes that it’s late and decides to do all the parts of the morning routine as they commute. While in the bus, they would: comb their wet hair, apply makeup, or even spray the deodorant (yes, I’ve experienced that before!). If you don’t want to end up smelling like a teenage deodorant – TAKE A STEP BACK from them!

5. The Phone Auntie

You can observe this person very commonly during afternoon commutes. Characteristics: talking on the phone during the train or bus ride. Talking very loud! And usually, the conversation is about something personal, like a doctor’s appointment or some family issues. But the Auntie doesn’t care and shares all the info to all the fellow commuters. The only way to avoid: good headphones and loud music!

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.