The 5 Types of Dads We Know – Which One is Yours?

Fathers are rarely given their moment to shine, except once every year when there comes a day where people all over the world cast the spotlight over them to just appreciate them as your no. 1 support anchor; solid as a rock and steady as the waters in a calm river. We have come up with 5 different types of dad personalities which we think are the basic personas they portray:



The strong, silent type dad
His silence can scare anyone. Strength of a few men, he acts like you are his precious and bodyguards you like no other. Brooding, often speaks when you feel down, only to share words of wisdom that make an impact. He is a gentle soul in a hard shell. Warning: Don’t disappoint this type of dad – his silent treatment will kill you!


The happy-go-lucky, jovial dad
The best person to go to for a good laugh or eye-rolling for his lame dad jokes. Happiness vibes exudes out of his chest like a Care Bear. You can be sure this type of dad will be there to cheer you up when you feel down and he knows when it’s time to pull his last trick to make you smile. Warning: Don’t bring your friends over as he may hog the spotlight with the dad jokes.


The cool dad
He’s the rockstar; always dressed well and knows all the trends, but makes it his own. He is the person who would be giving you tips on what looks good on your car, your room and your playlist. He often suggests new outings and adventures for the family, plays the guitar and never gets angry; although, he may give you the silent treatment if he’s disappointed (SEE: Strong, silent type dad), making you feel worse than if he scolded you just because you can’t bear to let him down. Warning: Some of your friends may have a crush on him. Try not to eye-roll too much when they come over.



The geeky and trivia-privy dad
The gamer, the Star Wars/Star Trek fan, comic book nerd OR boardgame aficionado. Hard to take his attention away once he gets into the subject or the hobby itself; tends to push these subjects to their kids to convert them so that they will continue his ‘legacy’ for 2-3 generations. He’s got to leave his LEGO collection to someone in the family…might as well be his own kid! Always the best person to go for advice on geekdom in pop culture if you were into that. Warning: May push his geek agendas to you – if you don’t like it, taichi it to your sibling(s). The last resort is to report this matter to Mom. 😉


The sporty or athletic, or ‘lean and mean’ 
The ultimate Iron Man / Ninja Warrior candidate, this type of dad never skips leg day and spends a good few days working on his fitness. Tries to get the whole family into it, but who are we kidding? Some would prefer to sleep in on a Sunday than go for a hike up the hill. Still, do give in once in a while. Or be THAT kid who makes the wise choice to go on the fitness journey together. Warning: May ask you to join him for Obstacle Course Racing or marathons.


There may be various personalities to a dad, but always know that they would be there to protect and support you when you need it the most – they’re just cool like that! Ensure that you give them a call even though you may be out of your hometown and living the urban life in the heart of KL. They may not say it often like moms, but they love hearing your updates and life events.


Here’s wishing all fathers (and single-mothers who play the role of ‘father’ to their kids) around the world – Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for everything and you are loved!

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