5 types of Malaysian guys you’ll meet on Tinder

Ok, everyone is doing it – so I tried as well. I installed the world’s most popular dating app and tried it out for a month, just to check it out. And.. well. I can’t say I’ve been the most successful, but I definitely learned sth about Malaysian men who use Tinder. Here are some of my most important discoveries, for your future dating knowledge:

*Pics used to illustrate the guys are just examples that I found online. I don’t want to show the faces of the dudes that I spoke to here in Malaysia, no need to make them even more “famous”…

The “I Live In The Gym” Guy


You look at his profile. His pictures catch your attention, because he’s… well built. And in most of his pictures he’s topless. So yeah, you swipe right. But I tell you what, you’ll regret this swipe! Your conversations will revolve around gym, sports, and proper nutrition. And do you think you could just go and lepak in a mamak? You’ve got the wrong guy!

The “I’m Just A Normal Guy” Guy


His description would say sth along the lines “Just a normal guy, looking for a nice girl.” “Happy go lucky” etc. So this guy is quite a decent person. He wouldn’t ask you for nude pictures and would probably ask you out for a movie date after a while. But… that’s the thing. You can’t expect him to go crazy. A random road trip or skydiving together? He might be too scared to join you. But if you’re looking for a calm, quiet guy – he might be your match.

The “Got Nudes” Guy

A typical example – from the US Tinder user

The opposite of the “Normal Guy”. His profile pic? His chest and “bottom” area, with his head cut from the pic. Another one? Him kissing someone. And the 3rd one? A huge zoom to his boxers! After a match, he would go straight away to “You’re sexy. Wanna go for a drink?” – without even asking for your name. And after 5 minutes of chat, he would send the evergreen “Got nudes?” request. Best thing to do? Swipe left for hygienic purposes. You never know what kind of STDs he might have!

The “I’m New To Social Media” Guy


He’s usually older than 25 years old, but have no idea how Tinder and Facebook are connected. Hence, while logging in, he has set up a profile picture on Tinder… but it’s his wedding photo! He might not even realise that. Of course, officially he claims that he’s single. When you point out his picture, he would get shocked for a moment, and start coming up with lies right away. That it’s his sister’s wedding, cousin’s wedding etc. In other case, he would just say: “Yeah, I’m married. Is this a problem to you?”. If you don’t want to waste time, just block him.

The “Life is a Party” Guy


His profile pic would be him, with a bottle or glass of whiskey, partying in Zouk or some other club. If you look at other pics, they would probably show him dancing with some girls and getting crazy at some house party. Swipe right on your own responsibility!

The “Bride Chaser” Guy


Right in his profile, he would state “Not into 1-night stands. Looking for a long-term relationship.” Sounds interesting? Then swipe right, because guys like these are an endangered species on Tinder! He might be looking for the actual marriage material girl. Are you the one? Will you say yes to the match? 🙂

The “Animal Lover” Guy


His profile pics would be mostly him + his pets. Cats, dogs etc. So there are 2 options here. 1) He’s a very nice guy who simply loves animals. 2) He knows that having cute pets in the pics increase his chances for more matches.

So when you match, just ask him first, if the pets are his own, or did he just rent them for the photoshoot. Make it clear from the beginning, or you could end up in a fake “zoo” of his own!

The “Pokemon Collector” Guy


His sole goal of this guy is to collect as many matches as possible. He rarely messages any girl, but he has an impressive collection of hundreds of matches, that he likes to boast about. So most of the girls are just like Pokemon to him – he wants to “collect them all”!



Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.