6 reasons why you should date a Malaysian accounting student

When you swipe right on Tinder, match and hear “I’m studying accounting”, what do you think about this guy or girl? Do you lose interest? Get excited?

Well, the truth is, the PR of romantic capabilities of accounting students in Malaysia is a bit… down. But hey – don’t trust the stereotype, coz the truth may be a big surprise! They may not kill a tiger using bare hands, but they can blow your mind!

Whether you’re considering becoming an accountant student or thinking about going to dinner with one, there are a few benefits you might want to know about.

1. Masters of time management.

Handling multiple projects at a time, helping their family with income tax statements, studying for exams and ACCA, and tracking the latest news about the “Big 4” – accounting students in Malaysia definitely don’t have it easy. And you know what? It’s actually helpful! They usually maintain a calendar (online or offline) and you can be sure that they will always find an evening for a date with you. And they will never forget about your plans!

2. They would keep their soul calm. Always.

Generally, you should know one thing about accounting students. They. Are. Calm. Like, super calm. Like, there could be an explosion happening just next to you, and your accounting boyfriend would steadily hold your hand and lead you through the flames. If this is not romantic, I don’t know what it.

3. Being extra sure.

If your better half is an accounting student, you may expect to be always receiving questions like “Have you done your final year project yet?”, “Have you chosen the place for our anniversary already?” etc. They usually just want to make sure that everything is planned and going as it’s supposed to be.

4. Having some extra time to yourself during the tax statement season.

Are you a kind of person who loves bae the most in the world, but staying together 24/7 gets just too… annoying after a while? If after months of hot romance you just need a moment alone in your room, with a book or iFlix session, then wait for the tax season. Once it’s up, you guy/girl will probably be getting lots of requests from family and friends to help in their tax statements. Or they may get a part-time job/ internship in a company who needs help with taxes. Whatever happens, it means one thing: some alone time (but just for a while)!

5. Well-groomed person.

Maybe it’s not all that important, but you have to admit it’s nice being seen in public with someone who’s neat and tidy. A lot of accountants prefer the formal clothing style, or at least semi-formal. And good shoes – they’re a must!

6. They’re in it for the long-haul

Accountants and accounting students are no strangers to working (or studying) long hours. They’re used to putting in extra time and forgoing sleep when a deadline must be met. Generally, most of accounting students refuse to throw in the towel; when they make a decision, they’re committed to it. And you know what it means? Long-term relationship!

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Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.