7 FUN Things To Do Near UiTM Shah Alam

There are actually a lot of things you can do if you’re a student studying near UiTM Shah Alam. You can go to these place after classes, during semester break or holiday! These place are fun to go with friends and also family. Actually, speaking of Shah Alam, I bet you’ve heard of GOT7 shoot their Music Video here right? heh.

1. Laman Seni 2 (Seksyen 2)

Things to do near UiTM Shah Alam

In Laman Seni 2, you can see variety of street art. It is amazingly beautiful. I remember when I went here with my classmates for my photography class, we actually had a lot of fun take pictures but sadly it is kind of hot that day. I would like it if it’s more on cloudy day instead of a sunny hot day. This place is only 9 minutes away for UiTM Shah Alam! 🙁 OH btw, do you know that GOT7 came here to have a photoshoot before? heheheh


2. Laman Seni 7 (Seksyen 7)


In Laman Seni 7, you can find more street art compare to Laman Seni 2. The art in Laman Seni 7 is more on the amazing and beautiful level. Some of the art in Laman Seni 7  is in 3D. So you can have some fun having pictures there! This beautiful place is only 6 minutes away from UiTM Shah Alam!

3. Waterworld i-City (Shah Alam)

things to do near uitm shah alam

Just incase you’re feeling hot during these weather and you’re bored during the weekends or semester break, you can head to the Waterworld which is located in i-City! This location is only 6 minutes away from UiTM Shah Alam. The entrance fee is around RM30++.

4. Theme Park i-City (Shah Alam)

things to do near uitm shah alam

In i-City, there are actually a lot of activities that students can do. From dry activities to wet activities. You can play and enjoy all of these games with your classmates or family. This fun place is just 7 minutes away UiTM!

5. SnoWalk i-City (Shah Alam)

things to do near uitm shah alam

Do you want to enjoy an indoor winter wonderland? SnoWalk is suitable for you! This place is located in i-City. In here, you can play with the snow or take picture with those ice sculptures that are shaped by a team of 30 artists from Harbin, China.

6. Trick Art Museum (Shah Alam)

things to do near uitm shah alam

Trick Art Museum is also located in another part of i-City. In the art museum, you can see a lot of different art in there. This museum is open from 11am until midnight (1am during holiday). And btw, the building next to this museum is a Red Carpet Wax Museum!

 7. Wet World Water Park (Seksyen 14)


This place is famous among the families. If you’re planning to go there, it is better to buy your tickets online to avoid the long queue! This place is open daily 10am – 6pm. This fun place is only 10 minutes away from UiTM.


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