7 Malaysian IT Student Stereotypes That Are FALSE

          In this digital age, the Information Technology (IT) department in institutions in the recent years have been rising! I believe every college student has an IT student friend. Compared to the other departments in universities or colleges, IT students usually has the most FALSE stereotypes. Speaking on behalf of all the IT students out there, here are some of the MAJOR misconceptions of an IT student.

1. A “Computer Repair” Tech


Everywhere we go someone is always asking about how we can help fix their computers or laptops. It gets pretty annoying especially when it’s someone we’ve finally mustered up our confidence and asked her out on a date. We are NO repairman, but out of kindness we’d still try to rectify your PC problems. Please don’t take us for granted!

2. “Nerds”

Before you call us “nerds”, know the difference between a nerd and a geek. We are geeks, NOT nerds. Let’s hope this picture will help you understand better.


3. Has no “friends who are girls”


Alright, so we may have more guy friends. BUT that’s because they’re more like our course-mates. We do have girl-friends. You just don’t see them so often around us. In campus, you see us with our course-mates and that, folks, is why you think we have no friends who are girls. Erase that thought.

4. Always “hiding” at home


We don’t ALL go home right after class to get back to our room and sit in front of the computer playing DOTA. Of course if we’re addicted to gaming, we’d be doing exactly that. But we don’t all play DOTA okay, that’s not the only game there is out there. We don’t choose to stay home because being an IT student isn’t easy, we have complicated coding assignments. We do hangout on weekends FYI.

5. “Otaku” A.K.A. Anime Freak


We don’t mean to say that Anime fans or Cosplayers are bad because everyone has their own sets of interest. We do watch Anime and we do have a few favorites but not to an Otaku extend. We’re not going to deny the fact that some of us may declare themselves as an Otaku but please don’t think that ALL IT students are Otaku level, kay?

6. Has a “cyber girlfriend”


Being in IT department, we are bound to have this image of living a cyber life or whatever. People legit think we have cyber girlfriends because we appear to not be brave to approach a girl. The only way to communicate in today’s world IS the Internet. It’s true we meet girls online but dude, you do too. On Tinder, remember?

7. Check shirts and thick full-framed glasses


“Outfit of the day? More like outfit EVERY day!” Ha ha. Stop, just stop. We don’t ALL wear check shirts, we don’t ALL wear glasses. Even if we do wear glasses, it’s because we have our eyes glued to the screens most of the time AND our glasses isn’t always a thick full-framed one. We can pretty fashionable.

Let’s come together and kill this stereotypes!

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