7 Reasons To Date A Law Student In Malaysia

You are dating a mass com student? An artist? An engineer? WE OBJECT!

You might be missing the opportunity of a lifetime! In Malaysia you might choose to follow the trends, but there’s a faculty which consistently produces good quality relationship materials: law!

Go find yourself a law student bae and you might be lucky to enjoy these benefits :

They can multitask like a pro

Exams, dating, partying, endless hours spent in the library…. They can do it all – AND MORE! Only when you start dating a law student, you’ll understand the true meaning of juggling and multitasking.

Your parents will be happy

Mom: “Oh, so that’s your boyfriend…. So, what do you study, young man?”

BF: “Law, madam.”


True story.

Social networking in real life

Ok, so studying law doesn’t mean that your Facebook and Instagram are on top of their game. But it means that you’re so. Well. Connected. In real life! So, while dating a law student, you’ll meet hundreds of people: from his class, his law club, from his internship location, from the polo club etc. And there are so many parties / balls/ charity events to attend! Prepare to go out a lot. And get yourself a little case for the business cards you’ll receive from the people you meet there!

They’re very passionate about what they do

Once, a law student, you’ll be a law student till the rest of your life. These guys are not quitters. They do not doubt. They find their way and they stick to it for looong time. Also, because they know the value of good and long-term relationship, both in business and in their personal life. And well… they like certain activities with their bae to last for loooong time also 😉

Unusual dating experiences

Ever had a date in a library? In the local court’s cafeteria? Well, now you have a chance! Feel the thrill of kissing someone in a place that’s completely non-romantic and formal, like the book aisle in the library. Never boring, my friend. Never.

Never-ending supply of coffee and energy drinks (they always have some in their desk)

Cold brew. 100Plus. Milo. RedBull. You name it, they have it in their secret supply stash. Studying long nights mean they know what to drink to be always on top of their game. Bonus point: they know how to mix them to achieve even better combinations! Milo with RedBull? Check!

They look good in their elegant attire

No comment here. Suits and formal dresses for the ladies? So hot!



Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.