8 Reasons Why Malaysian Students Never Have Enough Money

Money… Money… Money… I need money… Why it’s never enough… Whyyyyyyy… (Crying) 

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1. Because the money I earn is just not enough


Well.. Sometimes the part time jobs don’t supply enough moolah. Coz, come on, an internship that pays RM400 a month just won’t pay your bills. So, maybe that’s just the destiny. Totally broke through university all the way!

2. Because the parents give me toooooo little pocket money


You need to eat, drink, and survive the campus life, but your parents only give you RM300 per month. Enough meh? What about the Internet data? Taking your bae out for Valentine’s day? And getting these awesome sneakers you love so much? Where’s the money for all that?

3. Because of online shopping!


So, you’re just peacefully hanging out on Facebook, when you see an article with “10 most beautiful pieces of student stationery in 2017”. You open it and… OMG!!! Your inner maniac of beautiful pens, colorful notebooks and cute pencils has activated! And you can get all these things online! Must. Stooooop. Nooooow!

And you don’t even know when, you’ve spent RM100 just like that. If you can’t see the money, it’s so much easier to spend it, righ? God bless credit cards!

4. Because of GST


GST in Malaysia started on 1st April 2015. After implementation, we all need to pay an extra 6% GST on any item we consume, except the list of goods and services that have been exempted from GST. But the money we get from the parents or part-time jobs is still the same, where’s the 6% salary increase, huh? So we’re all even more broke right now 🙁

5. Because everything is just so expensive…


The current economy raised the prices of goods and services, making them EVEN more expensive. It sucks when Malaysia’s currency drop and all you can do is to wave goodbye to your favorite Starbucks lattes….

6. Because of my BAE.


“Honey~ Tomorrow go “yumcha” ok?”

“Sure baby! Where you want to go, I will bring you (love)”

Boy – When your girlfriend suggest a place to dating, you cannot say “NO”, or else you die…

Girl – When out with boyfriend, you cannot keep ask him to pay, or else he will think you are materialistic.

So how ah?

7. Because I spend too much (hehe)


“Wao! This clothes so nice!”, “This shoes so nice too!”, “I want to eat at that restaurant!”, “I want …”

Because you’re so kiasu and don’t want to miss out on anything, you will try your best to get it. Always. This is why you cannot save money, because you just spend to much!

8. Because I live in the city


In the big city, there are a lot of nice cafes, restaurants, retail shops, activity centers, parties, social events, etc…

Well, in the big city, you are sure to follow the city lifestyle. You are surrounded by so many options – and what other people have, you also want to have.