Are you a slave to the Internet? Check here!

I’m gonna be honest here! I know that without a doubt, I am a slave to the internet. Just last month, I had an argument with my parents at the dinner table just because I could not put my phone aside for a minute. Not only that: I actually broke a family policy which is ‘to never use any gadgets while having a meal’. Yes! I know that sounds absurd but I was raised by traditional, strict parents.

So here are the signs of your internet addiction:

Disturbance of sleep

If  you are having trouble sleeping, don’t even bother counting the amount of rest you’ll be getting… Cause the constant internet access will not help you to avoid the crazy headaches and torturous sunlight. Just take a break from your computer and mobile phone. Provide a little something for your body to replenish and rest from those daunting assignments during late nights.  And make sure it’s not an online activity! Go for yoga, meditation or just the classic book reading, if you really can’t sleep. A little love for your brain won’t hurt.

Loss of significant relationships

In our “always on” lives, we are constantly catching up with people in the digital world. But what about being really “present” in the real life? Usually, that’s a problem nowadays. With that, we kind of tend to forget about what a relationship really is built on. We constantly check our screens,  even when we are sitting across the table from someone else on the dinner night.

The mere presence of cellphones during face-to-face conversations inhibits the development of closeness and trust, which results in reducing the amount of empathy we feel from our partners.

So throw that nasty gadget away and practice the real intimacy now.

Escape from reality

Source: Tumblr, @theatlantic
Source: Tumblr, @theatlantic

Upon hearing the phrase, I’m sure that most of us would nod our heads. I understand that when life becomes hard and stressful, we turn to the internet to escape, in search of simplicity. And when our relationships feel unfulfilling or unsatisfactory, we turn to the virtual screen for some romance.

It’s tempting to use the Internet as an escape hatch, but I’d encourage you to think about it more in-depth. What made you turn this way? How can you fix your relationship situation in real life? Start with simple solutions and easy conversations. This might be easier than you think!

Telling lies


The Internet is possibly one of the best places where we simply lie to make us seem somewhat perfect. Perhaps we are facing an online identity crisis, without even realising it. And in reality, we are not who we pretend to be. If you continue to pretend you are someone you’re really not, you will eventually crash and burn. Because there will be a certain stage and degree where you can no longer be that person. Don’t risk to be a fake just because you pushed yourself so far in the wrong direction.