Best Place To Stay If You’re Studying In KDU Glenmarie

KDU! That’s where the legends study, right? And as much as it is fun to spend your days in the uni (well… not!), the truth is that it’s the most fun after the classes.

So, let’s talk business. Where to stay if you’re coming to study in KDU soon? We’ve got some ideas!

Source: http://university.kdu.edu.my/
Source: http://university.kdu.edu.my/

KDU hostel, house or a condo for rent in Glenmarie?

The most important decision in the life of anyone in KDU. So, there’s an official KDU in-house residence , located right at the entrance to the uni. So this is always an option. Convenient, full of your juniors and seniors – so you would be getting not only a place to sleep, but a huge dose of KDU local knowledge!

It has 7 levels to house 580 students; divided into male and female wings.

There are single and twin sharing rooms to choose from, and wifi is always there. And in case you’re lazy (no judging here), there’s a free shuttle bus service to KDU.

Interested in a room for rent inside KDU campus? You can check it out online here.

Some of the rooms available in KDU Residency

House for rent near KDU Glenmarie

If you’re looking for a little bit more freedom and mingling with people from outside of KDU, why not rent a room in a house? Glenmarie is mostly a housing area, and many owners do realize that the students are looking for accommodation nearby. Big plus of living in a house? Lot of space, and a garden, where you can chill out and study. And as long as your flatmates are ok – you can actually organize parties! Wouldn’t you want to be known as THE person who throws BEST parties in the area? 😀

Condo room for rent near KDU Glenmarie

In the area, there’s basically only one condo that counts: Utropolis! It’s a huge development, and you can bet – almost every unit has a KDU student staying there. The place is so new, you’ll be surprised how cool is still looks. The completely-totally-awesome thing about Utropolis? The swimming pool! With the freaking water massage beds!

Many units are dual-key, which means that you’ll be sharing the unit with your landlord’s family but still staying in separate areas and both of you will have a separate key. It’s convenient and you get the whole studio for yourself!

Or, go for the shared rooms and save some serious money while making a friend for life.

Yellow-themed apartment in Utropolis!
Yellow-themed apartment in Utropolis!

And if you have no idea, what would suit you best – just talk to HostelHunting.com’s Booking Representatives! They will show you all the options and consult you on the phone or WhatsApp – and the service is completely free!

Just leave your inquiry here, we’ll be in touch!


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