Dark Websites That Students Should NEVER Try

Are you one of those students who are afraid of the dark but still very itchy hands want to see horror movies? And when you are at your hostel.. Maybe Ixora Melaka… OKAY KIDDING! But once you’re in your hostel, you must be looking up and down searching for that ghost that’s disturbing you! We know a bunch of people like this. These websites listed are exactly what you think! They are DARK websites! As in, the pages in these websites are black in colour! LOL! Trick your friends into this “blackhole” and tag them in the comments below.


1. Black Google Exists? (click here)

Google is white and when you’re in a dark room, it hurts your eyes. So here’s a Black Google for you. Keep your eyes safe guys, they are precious! (P/S: This is not a racist comment)

2. A Literal Dark (Blank) Page (click here)

I promise you there is not a single jump-scare in this. But hey, if you do like jump-scares or enjoy seeing people getting scared, watch our Try Not To Flinch Challenge and see how we tricked our colleagues in thinking it was a funny video!

3. Black Screen With A Purpose (click here)

This is just another black screen for you BUT it helps you see the dust on your screen so you can clean it!

4. Do You Think You Can Nyan! (click here)

Have you ever heard of Nyan cat? If you have never heard of that, click into that link and you’ll be able to see a Nyan cat. Let’s see how long can you Nyan for! Screenshot and post your score in the comments below! (No cheating k?)

5. Game Time! (click here)

It’s time to play a game! This is a platformer game in a dark website…I mean black screen. It’s a simple maze-puzzle-ish(?) game..idk you check it out.

6. Bonus Website (click here)

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT! Take a deep breath before you open this website if you’re into pugs.

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