Malaysian Student Shares His Experience of Studying in Australia

          Most of us are clueless on what to do or expect when we are about to study abroad besides being excited. Here are my personal experiences during my stay in Australia 3 years ago, which I would love to share with you guys to maximize your studying abroad experience. It was an important experience for me because throughout the journey, I have met so many people from all over the world and learn so many things from each other. It was a complete paradigm shift, a definite eye-opener! For those who are considering to study abroad, I strongly recommend it, but before that do check out this simple guide on the Do’s and Don’ts of studying abroad.




1. Stay in Campus


Stay in campus at least for the FIRST year of being abroad. On-campus accommodation has a lot to offer than just walking distance to your lecture halls (so you get more sleep), it’s a place whereby people from all over the world will gather. Imagine living with 300 people from different countries each with different stories to share! For me personally, I had made friends from the U.S, U.K, Middle Eastern and my close friend is from Indonesia! Some days, you get to join them for their cultural celebration and get to taste foods from all over the world. They also have weekly activities to help each other get along!

2. Go With An Open Mind


If you are from an Asian cultured background and it’s your first time studying in somewhere western, the first thing you have to do is to go with an open mind! You will probably experience culture shock for the first few weeks, but soon you’ll grow to like the adventure by trying out different things in your life. I remembered back then, it was my first week in Australia and we had a welcome night for students who are studying abroad in a club, out of nowhere a Brazilian girl dragged me to the center of the dance floor. I was shy at first, then I grew to enjoy the company. I even ended up learning a cultural dance from a sweet local Australian lady that night! This will also help you bond with the locals really well!

3. Go On Road Trips With Your Friends


Do frequent road trips with your local friends and not tour trips with the agencies! Be sure to mix around with the locals and they’ll bring you to the ‘hidden treasures’ in their countries. You’ll definitely enjoy the nature and it’s scenery,  sleepovers and parties at night at awesome places that you wouldn’t imagine yourself being in.


1. Stay Home


The only time you should be staying home is finishing up your assignments or catch up on your studies, so you can make time to have fun! Always be pro-active and plan out your weekends. Remember you will only be here for a limited amount of time so why waste it?!

2. Be Shy


If you are shy, then most probably that is the biggest hold-back to everything you do in a foreign land. You won’t get to experience new things when you’re too shy for anything. You’ve come far way from home to expect something different right? So don’t be shy! Think of it this way, you’re in a place where no one knows you or your past. Make use of that and put your shy act behind.

BONUS TIP: If you have anyone that you are interested in, go ahead and ask him/her out for a date. Having someone by your side will surely spice up your study abroad experience!

3. Do Drugs

As much as you keep an open mind, there should be a line drawn to it. So people, have as much fun as you want to but please do not get into trouble when you are in a country that you are not familiar with! Cheers and hope this will help you out during your stay in overseas!

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