4 Ways to become BFFs with your Professor

You are awesome. Smart. You have a hobby and a skill that your friends envy you. Yet, when you sit in a study hall with over 50 other students, you suddenly become… just a part of the crowd. 

Yup, studying can make you feel like it’s difficult to stand out in a group and be visible and appreciated by the professors. But wait! There are some ways in which you can feel better and strike better relations with your teachers. Nothing is impossible, you only need to start following these 4 tips!

You never know, maybe your new BFF professor will offer you a special project or an internship?

1. Be there!


Showing up on time for the morning class can sometimes truly be a pain in the …. sticky eyes, that wouldn’t stop shutting. Waking up at 7 AM is nothing pleasant! BUT if you think about it, all you have to do is to reach the classroom and sit there. While the professors have to be prepared, awake, and remember what to talk about during the lecture! The least you can do to show them the appreciation is to be there on time and try to show interest in the topic of the lecture. And if you do it regularly, sit in the first row and smile – you might just take the first step into a new friendship!

2. Determination is key 


Make sure your professor knows that you care and that you’re interested in the topic of the class. The easiest way to do it? Ask questions! As many as possible, but of course – don’t do too easy, think about some ways to get to know more about the subject. Volunteering to answer a question asked by the professor would be great! One no-no is using your phone in class – even to look for ideas for questions! Always sit straight and keep your eyes on the situation.

3. Keep yourself busy


Not really sure if you can keep your face (and back) straight during the 8 AM class? Try to focus on doodling. If the topic of the class is unusually boring, or you just had a really tough night, open your notebook and start doodling. From time to time, keep your head up, and look at the professor with an intrigued face, and then start doodling again. Nothing looks better in the eyes of the teacher than an ambitious student who takes lots of notes (or at least pretends to do so) 😉

4. Office hours? Yes!

Now it’s the time to take the most important step. Make use of something that not many students do – show up during office hours at your professor’s office. Talk about the lecture, ask for additional reading materials, and touch base with a question about a student club that your professor leads. Get to know each other better on a neutral, non-academic background too! Ask about the family photo on the desk, and you might end up starting a beautiful friendship 🙂

Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.