Tips for students on how to survive without the Internet

Just the thought of living without the Internet for a while is unthinkable for most of the Malaysian students, probably.

Could you imagine? Does it scare you? Does it make you say “No, thanks, I’ll pass”? Well, we don’t feel too good about it either.

BUT,  how would you fare without the internet, if one day, it just suddenly goes ‘off-line’ or it collapses out of the blue? <Noooooo!>
For 5 short minutes, let’s explore the possible life without internet – we’ll give some tips on how to adapt and survive without going too crazy 😉

1. Dwell and cry on not having the Internet first 🙁


It’s understandable that you’re feeling a little emotional. Let it all out.

If you are ready, let’s get it going, people! 

2. Communicate – but how?


The Internet is an integral part of communication nowadays. So, just imagine your life without it, how are we possibly going to adapt? I doubt that we will be sending smoke signals or writing mails and having to wait for replies from the pigeon hole. SO MUCH AGONY!

The days are long, so my advice would be to start communicating face-to-face with warm blooded creatures roaming on your campus and neighborhood, and leave those squared shape gadgets behind.

3. Evaluate yourself – it’s worth it!


Not having the Internet around is the best time to have the long, hard and thoughtful talk to yourself and think everything over. Take this opportunity to get to know yourself better!

We know that you’ve been stalking your crush on Facebook, but would you do it in real life if there was no online option? And remember that time when you insulted someone on social media, but would actually you do it without the keyboard and screen? Don’t dare, huh!

Now go stalk your secret crush on in PERSON, if you have to.

4. Get out of the house


Those four walls shall not be your best friend anymore, coz home is just so boring without the Internet connection.

Why be stuck in one place when you can go out and explore? Go pay a visit to your acquaintance’s house, and turn that bond into a newfound friendship. How about going to a nearby mamak by your college campus and have a chapati or roti canai.

Our tip: It only takes 5 minutes for you to get to Nawas from your rented room above the KDU University College. Isn’t it simple and fast?

5. Read a book


It’s a fact that the Internet articles are easier to read but they can be very distracting and pesky for anyone to concentrate (banners, anyone?). To make matters worse, all the other digital distractions are also constantly vying for your attention throughout the day. 

Have we all forgotten the invention of books? They are only the decorations to be viewed by your house guests. So, just get one and dust it off to start reading.

If you are eager to read somewhere else, then head to your college library for some peace and quiet ambiance. Just don’t fall asleep while you’re there 😉

6. Catch up on sleep


90% of the time, we are constantly complaining about how tired we are, and the other 10% of the time, about how hungry we are. But hey, you can change it now! Find a comfy bed in a cozy room.  Go to bed early after work and get some well-needed shut-eye. You’ll be as fresh as a daisy on the next day!


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.