False Psychology Student Stereotypes

As a student who chose to study Psychology, people tend to get the wrong idea of what we actually study about and what our job-scopes are. Ridiculous questions you ask, ridiculous answers you get. Below are some of the most asked stereotypical questions to Psychology students, and they strike back!

Tag your psycho friends who can relate to these…

1. “Can You Read My Mind?”

“Yes I can. And I know you were gonna ask this exact question.” JK. Of course I canNOT, you pot-head. NO ONE in this world can read minds except Edward Cullen. You wanna know why? Because Edward Cullen does NOT exist!

2. You Must Be A Psycho Yourself. Isn’t That Why You Chose To Study Psychology?

So you’re saying a brain surgeon would enjoy opening up his own brain?! Of course not! In case you needed to know, I don’t study psychology to treat “crazy” people either.

3. Your Course So Senang, All You Do Is Study Our Minds And Body Language.

“Yes its SUPER easy to study the COMPLEXITY of human mind, the MOST complicated creature of the galaxy!” DUDE, nothing is easy! Being a student is not easy, breathing is not easy, life is not easy! Ok-ok, before I get sensitive let’s get to the next one.

4. “Can You Tell Who Is The Murderer?”

*hears news about two suspects in a murder case*

Friend: Can you tell who is the murderer?


Allow me to ask you instead, is Sherlock Holmes a psych student? Is he? Exactly, he don’t exist. Just like my knowledge for who the murderer is!

5. Do You Think He/She Is Into Me?

I have no idea. I am no love guru, dear one. But what I can tell you is that I know love isn’t complicated…………….you are.

6. So Do I Get Free Therapy Someday?

Do you get free therapy? Free? For you?

I know every psychology student face this almost at every family gathering event or just meeting up with old friends. Share your pain to let them know.

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