FREE Stuff Right Here…Cause Uni Is Expensive

As a student, there’s a lot of struggles. The struggle to wake up in the morning, the struggle to get out of bed, the struggle to go to class, the struggle of getting to class on time, the struggle of staying awake in class, the struggle of THINKING WHERE AND WHAT TO EAT, the struggle of living the BUDGET life – the struggle is REAL people! But here we have a list of places that gives out FREE refills that can help you save up.



Ikea, Carl’s Junior, Nando’s, Burger Lab and Texas Chicken still give ya’ll free drinks refill. Buy once and drink all you want after that. Sounds like a great place to study and/or chill, since there’s free flow of drinks. But of course you can’t study in Ikea! Come on guys. You know what I mean, selected outlets can lah just not all. You know where would be nice to have free drinks refill? Karaoke places! Good news, there’s one in Hartamas, Kota Damansara called Loudspeaker. Don’t thank me yet, there’s more to know about free stuff. 🙂

Me When I Get Free Stuff:


It’s hard to find a restaurant that actually gives you free food or anything like that. Even if they did, it’s probably like a short bread or a small bun. Most restaurants give free tissue or whatevahh but in Duk Soo Ne Korean BBQ @ Solaris Mont Kiara you get a meal for RM32.90 and have UNLIMITED meat refills! Looking for something better than that? Then head on over to Donsadon Korean BBQ @ Solaris Mont Kiara for RM29.99 and get that UNLIMITED meat refill!

How I Feel Inside When I Heard About This: #Blessed


Go immediately to Chilli’s and get some free Nachos refill! Bottomless all the way-ayyy! I usually do the a-hole move and I’ll sit there and order nachos only and a bottomless drink too, then, well I just enjoy myself.  I’m not giving ya’ll ideas just sharing 🙂

Now go get yourself some free stuff and if we did miss out on some, let us know!

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