How To Reduce Exam Stress? These Cute Animals On IG Can Reduce Stress!

Exams can be a little (OR A LOT) stressful for all the students whether you are in the high school or university. What more if you are in Universiti Malaya or Taylor’s University! The pressure to do well is very high! But you should not be stressed for too long. How to release exam stress or be stress free during exam? Well first you can eat a lot! Then you will be stress about your weight.. Another option is to scroll on your Instagram account and follow these cute animals that can help you loose all that STRESS. They are really toooooo cute to handle. Ignite your newsfeed and feed your soul with these cuties! Just don’t be extra stress when you realize you wasted your study time here! I’m sure your roommate or housemate in your dorm or student hostel wouldn’t like to hear you screaming when you are too stress!

NYEHEHEHEHE already getting distracted?

1. ron_hari

ron_hari is a male hedgehog living in Saitama, Japan. His owner uploads the daily life of Hari and his family on instagram. His family consists of himself (Hari), his wife (Komari), and his daughters (Ohagi and Momiji).

2. matthewthehedgehog

Matthew is another male hedgehog from Japan. You can follow his IG to see more about how creative his owner is and more on his daily life. <3

3. wally_and_molly

Wally is an English Angora rabbit with a giant, wing-like ears, fluffy bellbottom paws, and a twinkling smile. Suki is a “Utopian Bunny” (Wally words) who look as fluffy as Wally. Sadly, Wally has passed the rainbow bridge in March earlier this year due to a liver lobe torsion. But Molly (the owner) still upload photos of Suki’s daily life in their IG too.

4. lifeofmill

Milla, Stella and Princess are sisters. They are a house rabbits living in Sweden and they are cage free. Just like how all you people will now be stress free~ Kya!

5. venustwofacecat

Venus is the Queen of internet. She is famous for her mystifying two-faced features, which are probably due to a genetic trait called chimerism. It is not confirmed that whether Venus is a real Chimera Cat or not. Venus is a beautiful cat with a half black and half orange face and her eyes are one green and one blue. :O So cool! By the way, did you know that UCSI has got a new features? Click here!

6. hosico_cat

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I'm leaving, and you're going with me. 🚀

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Hosico is a 2 year-old male Scottish straight cat living in Moscow. He likes to sleep, eat, play and sometimes he’s a bit timid.

7. juniperfoxx

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M o o d #cuddleme

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WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? Juniper is a year old red tame fox who loves to eat socks and flirt around with Moose, @boyfriendmoose (her boyfriend), cuddle in the morning, and hiding food just incase of snack emergency.

8. bichon_tori

hmmm..what do you call it…  a cloud? a cotton ball? or a cotton candy? Nope. It’s Tori. Tori is a Bichon Frise currently living in Daegu, South Korea. Tori has a fluffy soft white hair and a huge head of perfectly spherical hair.

9. hazelnut_dog

hazelnut_dog is an IG account for a mixture Schnauzer and Bichon family consists total of 8 dogs and puppies. All I can say is, this IG account is the cutest one so far <3

10. trez_and_tydus

Trez, a 7 years-old Congo African Grey and Tydus is a 2 year-old Alaskan Malamute. They are both from South Africa. Tydus, a giant fluffy dog that may look scary, but he is actually a very gentle giant. And not to mention, Tydus loves cuddling.


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