How To Be A Famous YouTuber? Tanesh Shares His Secrets

A regular down-to-earth dude who enjoys making scripted comedy and just making people laugh. You probably have seen him or watched one of his hilarious sketches on Facebook. Mother’s Day was just last month, Tanesh Vijayagomaran (most commonly known as Taneshh) made a little sketch for it and it’s based on his own family experiences. (P/S: Be patient for the video to load.) Click here to watch his latest Father’s Day sketch!

Besides having a Facebook page, Tanesh also has TWO (2) YouTube channels – one that’s called Taneshh (main channel) where he puts up all his scripted comedy and the other is called TaneshhVlogs (second channel) where he records his day in life.

Anyone Can Be A YouTuber

Or at least that is what Tanesh said! So we asked him what made him chose this path, that is to be a YouTuber and he very simply said, “I like to create stuff, I want to create and I like to make things happen. Anyone can be a YouTuber if that is want YOU want to do and WANT to be.” That is actually his biggest inspiration. It’s a common thing for someone to answer “I like to make people laugh” when you ask them the same question. As for Tanesh, to a certain extent, that is pretty true for him.


Why Did You Choose To Be A YouTuber?

“I have one of the most selfish reason to why I chose to be a YouTuber and that is to make myself happy. When other people watch my videos and it made them smile or laugh, that’s just a bonus point for me. But still, I’m ever so grateful to my fans for their support.”


Question is, how did he managed to become one of the youngest content creators in Malaysia? Tanesh said he could never have done it without the support of his parents and close friends. However, to all the young people out there who wishes to be a YouTuber or an actor, an interior designer or a dentist, do what YOU want to do because you need to love what you do in order to get the best of what you do.

Tanesh with one of our crew members!

Isn’t it amazing that an engineering student (did you know that?) is stepping out of the “stereotypes” and achieving so many success story?!

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