How To Decorate Your Room or Home

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was how important home is to all of us. Work-from-home arrangements and lockdowns also showed how most of us NEED to create the perfect atmosphere for work and chilling in our own homes.


With the various contemporary decorations and home furnishing we’re exposed to, LiveIn has curated a list of How to Decorate Your Room/Home so that you could transform your boring room areas into a ‘never-wanna-leave-this-place’ room.



  • Pillows are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add rejuvenation to a space without any long-term effects
  • Practically mobile, they can be moved anywhere, with changeable cover colors or designs
  • Pillows add a certain playfulness or comfort for any of your guests
  • They add layers to your concept and splash of color to any drab spaces
  • Despite a lot of men crying foul over throw pillows when their wife or girlfriend introduces it into the home, they do elevate a room aesthetically as well as practically – just don’t overdo it


Tip: Create fluffier pillows by stuffing the cover with a slightly larger one.



  • Great for livening up any space – a visually bright design could easily draw attention on a monotonous or neutral-toned color scheme
  • It’s the best method to make a big impact within a space
  • Great investment for rented accommodation, as it is easy to pack and and go – just roll it up and bring it along when the contract is done
  • Ensure your rug is easy to clean OR hard to stain; you do this by the design and color; it also helps to NOT be clumsy or eat messily on it


Tip: Color-coordinate your rug to match the walls and/or furniture – contrasting is great, but only if you know what rug matches what color walls or furniture. Get inspired from Instagram hashtags #roomdecor #homedecor #rugsofinstagram or Pinterest.




  • With rented rooms, you often start out with minimum decor. Harsh fluorescent lights which are quite common may look a bit harsh to anyone dreaming of dim or ‘romantic’ lightings – you could fix that by adding your own lights to soften the place up
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge of lightings – ambient lights is used mainly to fill spaces within a room with soft lighting, whereas accent lights are used to provide focal point lighting and sometimes used with dimmers. Task lights as they are named, are basically used for a particular function, for example table lamps


Tip: Lights also have the ability to create layers to your room or space, so if you feel that you’d want to create or set a mood to study, date or even hangout with friends, use a dimmer or have various settings which you could easily install by yourself.



  • One word to sum up the impact of mirrors: SPACE. It could enlarge any room with strategic placements and knowing the art of visual perception
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge of lightings – ambient lights is used mainly to fill spaces within a room with soft lighting, whereas accent lights are used to provide focal point lighting and sometimes used with dimmers. Task lights as they are named, are basically used for a particular function, for example: table lamps


Tip: Mirrors can be used to replace wall hangings to enlarge your room or unit, but ensure that you clean them as it becomes ultra-icky when it gets dusty. Just use a scrunched-up old newspaper and water – no chemicals necessary.


Getting some greens

  • What else adds texture to a space – adding in a few indoor plants!
  • Want instant life on a boring desk? Add a succulent to bring your desk a bit of character
  • Considering an urban garden at your window sill? Try a herb patch. Growing basil or rosemary is quite easy (provided you have the correct humidity, temperature and sunlight required) – don’t put in a cactus when you know it rains daily! Do your homework before doing this


Tip: Definitely have some research before you get plants into your space. Some are indoor-friendly while others are not. You could also find out tips from communities who thrive on sharing how to revive plants if you find some of them wilted or dried-out; it could be the lack of sunlight, water or even hindered by fungus or bacteria. Yes, even plants get sick and require TLC!


Flexible Furniture

  • People who rent often require a pack up and go type of items – just like that, you could already aim for furniture which are modular or DIY so that you can dismantle them anytime, unless you stay at a fully furnished unit where you don’t need any of these at all!)
  • Places like IKEA is the ultimate place to acquire these DIY-types of furniture


Tip: This is particularly useful if you tend to opt to live close to work, and move around the city based on the facilities. If you don’t like DIY furniture, consider opting for fully-furnished rooms and ready facilities.


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