How To Gain Money While Studying In Malaysia

With our current Malaysia economy, students nowadays are trying hard to find ways to get extra money and still study at the same time. Budgeting is so hard nowadays but do not worry, you can still travel in budget!

Lucky for us the internet open up a whole lot of new opportunity for us to explore. (Like becoming a famous youtuber!) Do not try any of the pyramid scheme or Skim Cepat Kaya tho, that is a lie (Same goes with the Forex, we heard more than enough news of people losing their money instead of gaining more!). I’m sure you had seen students out there making it big and gaining huge income every month right? How do they do it? Well if you are here, it means you are making your first step towards it! We are so  proud of you. Now let us share some ideas on how you can start you way to gaining more money! Or you can learn how to save! (This means you save up more money for the best room you can get in our website!)

1. Online business

This is the number one choice when it comes to making money. Students usually choose this because this looks the easiest out of the other choices! Why? You just need your phone and internet, then find your supplier then tada! But no this is probably the hardest as you have to arrange your finance and also know how to check your benefits and lost! Oh just thinking about this can give me headache. But fear not, if you do want to do online business here are few steps you can follow to start blooming your business!

You need to get more followers! If you’re using Instagram or Carousell, you need to get more followers for your page because this way you can reach out to more people and you will get more opportunity to sell your product. Please bear in mind that you should target who are your customers! If you are selling clothing and it is usually shorts skirts and sleeveless shirt, get the followers that wear it!

You need to sell good stuff! With good price. If you’re doing a clothing business, make sure you are keeping up with trends of what is famous right now and you should have a good price for the clothes you are selling. Too cheap, you are losing money. Too expensive, you are not getting much buyers!

2. Dropship

Have you ever heard of this term? Do you fully understand what it is? Well, dropshipping means that you will not see your product before your product reach your customers! The wholesaler/manufacturer will be the one delivering the product to them and you act as the middle person between this transaction. This is one of the easiest thing you can do in my opinion because you are getting percentage from the price of the items and you are not required to keep the product in hand. Like the current famous MinCoffee by STG! Worth a try!

3. Part time

Get a part time! Oh what can be more obvious that this? But do you want to? The first thing that pop up must be getting part time job at any shops nearby you right? You can do that and by doing that you will get steady income monthly but this usually takes lots of time and energy. Most students will not choose this as their options because how tiring this can be. There is another way you can do part time tho! Go to Facebook or Twitter to find for part time job, not the one you have to work in a shop but this one, you become the promoter. There are a lot of FB groups out there that offer you a platform to find a promoter job. This is usually a better option because promoter jobs are usually short term (1 days-7 days) and usually on the weekends. This allows you to have the weekdays free for your study and work during the weekends.

4. Uber/Grab/Riding Pink

Those with cars, make use of these services. Become their driver and gain some extra money. This way, your work schedule is flexible and it will not affect your study as much. If you do not want to sign up with these services, you can start doing your own. For example you can offer rides to the students at your campus to the hostel and charge them for it.

5. Do services

Do service such as makeup service or printing service in your hostel room. For the girls, if you are good in makeup, do not waste that talent of yours. Do some makeup services for your friends or others. For example, you can promote your makeup service at your social media and provide example of your work. You can also do hairdo service, drawing service and more! You can even do printing service if you live in hostel and most your university mates are in hostel as well. You will be their lifesaver for every assignment!

Not only that, if you are a graduating soon or going on a semester break soon, you can check out a lot of website such as Jobstreet, Internsheep, JobsMalaysia, Monster Malaysia, WOBB and more website out there that is useful for the university students in Malaysia. If you do have some free time, check out some career fairs that are happening!

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