How To Get Along With A Gamer Housemate

Are you wondering on how to get along with a gamer crush or your gamer housemates? Housemates in your student hostel can be annoying at times, it’s worse when they are a gamer because…well….they would stay in their room or sit at the couch the whole day playing games without helping on doing house chores. (And they steal all the WiFi in the hostel for their games..) If you planned on getting along with them housemates or that crush of yours, here’s how you do it right!


1. Talk About Games

It is always better to talk to someone about a topic that they are interested in. Since your housemates are gamers, you should think of a gaming topic to click with them and try to ask or talk to them by using that topic so that they are interested in it.

2. Play Games Together

Playing games with them not only can release stress, it can also build the relationship between you and your housemates. Not UNO tho, that one breaks friendships! JK.

3. Introduce A New Game

Introducing new or latest games to them is a rather risky way. It can either make or break a friendship. OR it can make them think that you are one of them! I am pretty sure, if you introduce them a new game, they would ask you whether you would like to join them for a few game.

4. Hang Out

Hang out with them! Ask them if they want to watch a movie, go to the mall or something. They might like it! Hanging out with them can actually make them have some time off mobile games or PC games.

5. Ask Them Out Or Have A Party

It has been proven that drinking can relieve stress and take your mind off your troubles. Have a guys/girls night together and share some information about yourself to make you guys get along together.


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