Interesting Things You Can Find in Jonker Street, Malacca.

Malacca is one of the best places for family and friends to have a short getaway trip. You can always see people from different states of Malaysia traveling in Malacca. There are lots of interesting things you can find in Malacca, let’s look into the one place that all of us are familiar with, Jonker Street.

Have you seen these interesting things in Jonker Street?

1. H&M


You might be curious why H&M is one of the interesting things that you can find in Jonker Street, well, it’s because whenever you go hangout at a mall, you look for H&M! And that’s why it is interesting that Jonker Street has got H&M but it’s a building version. Yes, the whole building. There are lots of beauty and fashion bloggers and Youtubers from all over Malaysia that went to Malacca just for this “special” outlet!!!



Everyone who’s been to Malacca must surely noticed their signature blue monster. I am one of those who are attracted and addicted to Mamee Monster. There are different kinds of Mamee products you can find in this particular shop, things like instant noodle, snacks and whatnot. Besides buying stuff, you can join their workshop and find out how it’s made! You can play and eat at the same shop, what a win-win situation.



What makes this drink interesting when compared to other drinks in Jonker Street is that this drink can only be bought there! It’s made from natural fruits and it’s a sparkling drink. They have several flavors like apple, peach, passion fruit, lavender and the list goes on. It’s really different, so go give it a try if you haven’t.

(FRIENDLY REMINDER): Their shop is located opposite MAMEE CAFE



This list would not be complete without this epic Cendol. Pahlawan’s Cendol is one of the must-try signature food in Malacca, especially the Durian flavor Cendol which is a perfect match for Cendol. You can easily find Pahlawan in Jonker Street because it is just located at the corner and the building has got a little unique touch as well, so it’s easy to spot them. When you step in to Pahlawan, you can definitely smell the durian! Seriously, you have to try their durian flavor cendol!!



3D Jonker walk is Malacca’s first fluorescent 3D mural museum with all-in-one concept which means, it comprises different themed murals in one museum.  You can find several different mural themes in this museum like the 5D Upside Down Museum, Doraemon Museum, Owl Museum and many more. There are approximately more than 30 arts there, all of the fluorescent 3D murals are from abroad, where the painter spent two months just to complete it.

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