Introvert? Survive Malaysian College with Confidence!

The things that stop us from pursuing our dreams usually are there because of the fear of failure. Right?

That fear of mistake comes from somewhere deeper in all of us and causes many of us to lack confidence and self-esteem. But hey- it’s okay to break down and hold back for a while! Don’t feel bad about it.

Malaysian college can be a hell-bound place sometimes, and sooner or later you will start feeling low. But in such moments, recall the awesome things you have accomplished by giving no f*cks to fear!
Here are the killer actions for you to boost your self-confidence:

1. Firstly, take control! You’re not a tree!


Is your self-confidence under your control? Is it possible to change this now? The answer is –YES. Always!
Even if you are feeling low now.

All of this is going to change, starting right now. Self-confidence is not stated in your genes and you definitely don’t need to increase your self-confidence by relying on your college friends. Give yourself 10 reasons every day on why you are still here – surviving and still learning from your mistakes. It’s all about getting to know yourself better – so dig deep and you’ll come out (eventually) with even greater self-confidence. College is all about finding yourself. Take your time!

2. Know your principles and live by them.


Principles are built upon your life. They are there to give you a sense of stability and direction in your life. It could be something like “Live by passion” or “Creating my own path”. We all have principles but 99% of us have forgotten them or don’t really understand their true meaning. Think about your principles now… you might have them but perhaps you haven’t given them much thought.
Now think of what you had and act on them.

3. Empower yourself with knowledgeknowledge

Knowledge, in general, is one of the greatest sources to empowering yourself. By becoming more knowledgeable, you will be more confident – because you are opening yourself up and building competencies. Head up to your college library to learn and read something new. Don’t procrastinate and get your brain juice flowing now, you will not regret on what you will achieve at the end.

4. Stay positive and smile


It’s more than just staying positive and smiling away, you need to put it all into action. The action is the key to developing self-confidence – when you are starting to act on it, you will eventually change yourself. Talk to people in a positive way, put energy into your actions and you’ll soon start to notice a difference. “Fake it, then make it” – it works also with the smile and attitude!

5. Lastly, believe in yourself!


“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”
– Christian D. Larson

Share with us on your ways to boost your confidence 🙂