Kai EXO & Krystal f(x) Broke Up, No More Kaistal? No more SM couple?

Say what?? Who remember the famous scandal between f(x) Krystal and EXO Kai when their relationship was revealed by DISPATCH last year and SM Entertainment actually confirmed that they are REALLY dating?!! This just made all the Kaistal shipper went crazy! And SM shippers as well! Everyone is always eyeing them in SMTOWN Concert because they want to see skin ship and cuteness between these two! Poor all the students that had been eyeing Kai and Krystal.. Hoping to catch their heart!

It was said that they only started dating recently before the news was released even though there had been rumors going around that they have been dating way longer than that!


After their dating scandal got confirm, Krystal and Kai had been spotted together multiple times by the cameras!

Here are some the videos and pictures.

This is one of the famous clip that said Krystal and Kai are together in a hotel and the fans went crazy. Some are saying leave them alone! While some are trying to confirm if it’s really Krystal and Kai.

A video of Kaistal interaction before their dating scandal was release and this made the Kaistal shippers go crazy. Kaistal shippers were commenting on this video and said that hey, maybe they are dating in this video!

After the news was confirmed, a video came out and maybe, just maybe. It is true that they are dating in the video! Check the video yourself and see if you agree or disagree!

But sadly… Just a few hours ago, it was confirmed that Krystal and Kai broke up.

It seems like both of them are too busy with their schedules and they are unable to meet each other. Which lead to them breaking up with each other. Hmm.. Or is it because EXO comeback soon? Or maybe f(x)?

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