What do KDU students think about this controversial ban in the USA?

Muslim Ban effects on Malaysian Students – KDU Opinions

It’s sad to say that religion has now played a key vital role in our lives. Whether we are getting our coffees ready at the nearest coffee shop or pumping up gas at the petrol station, you will hear a few racial slurs between people and the sense of prejudice tension wavering on everyone’s mind. It’s truly a far cry of how we often labelled ourselves as a ‘united nation’.

Source: http://www.outlook.com
Source: http://www.outlook.com

The Muslim Ban

President Donald Trump orders on the recent Muslim ban is another spoon of salt to the wound. His orders on banning the 7 majority Muslim countries which are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen for the next 90 days have created fear, tension and war between people of different faith. But the main question is – Where Does Malaysia stand?

Where do we stand?

Source: www.thesun.co.uk
Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Malaysians are afraid we could be the next to be involved in the U.S. president, Donald’s Trump’s crosshairs. As of 2016, 60 percent of the 31 million-strong population in is Muslim. Although many of us have voiced out concerns about the implications,  the politicians chose to stay silent on the ban and young adults certainly have enough of it and are now voicing out their opinions on the ban.

KDU students speak out

“The minute you stop an entire religion from entering the country simply because the terrorists happened to be identified as Muslims. I don’t honestly see the point on how it can be a falsified information.” said by a KDU student, Danial. “They make it sound as though Muslims are just practised by a  certain race and make it as though it can be identified through outer appearance.”

“The Muslim ban would really impede the progression of society or humanity in general. It will cause a lot of students to miss out on so many potential opportunities and this will affect our nation’s growth in the future.” KDU student Sasha Tan shared her opinions with us.

Source: http://news.asiaone.com
Source: http://news.asiaone.com

Is it still for safety, or going into islamophobia?

Needless to say, this matter has angered everyone because it clearly shows that the country’s leader has no clue of what religion is. How can he lead the nation if he doesn’t know the few basic rights of what religion stands for?  How can they claim their country as the land of free opportunities, when they are not applying values towards their people? I believe they fail to understand that these irrational beliefs can come from anyone of all faiths and not just one. Mr Trump is executing an ideological decision from the beginning, he depicted an image of crafting the refugee ban as protecting America. It’s really about Islamophobia.

In fact, the primary perpetrators of the major terror attacks have mostly been US-born citizens or permanent legal residents originally from countries not included in the ban. The few major attacks included the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, The World Trade Centre (9-11), Boston Marathon Bombings… They were from Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon. None of those countries are included on the list of banned countries. So what does that tell us now? You’ve got to answer by yourself.