Kuala Lumpur ist die Hauptstadt Malaysias und das Wirtschafts- und Finanzzentrum des Landes. Mit einem Pro-Kopf-BIP von 12.400 US-Dollar ist die Stadt relativ wohlhabend und schneidet im Index durchschnittlich ab. Kuala Lumpurs proaktive Verkehrspolitik zahlt sich aus, denn ihr bestes Ergebnis kann die Stadt in den Kategorien Verkehr und Luftqualität vorweisen. In der Verkehrspolitik setzt Kuala Lumpur unter anderem auf ein relativ gut ausgebautes, modernes Bus-Rapid-Transit-Netz, bei dem Großraumbusse auf separaten Spuren verkehren. Trotz des immer noch hohen Verkehrsaufkommens in der Stadt hat Kuala Lumpur den zweitniedrigsten Schwefeldioxidausstoß im Index.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and the country’s business and financial centre. The city is relatively prosperous with a GDP per capita of US$12,400 and ranks average overall in the Index. Transport and air quality are Kuala Lumpur’s strongest categories. Proactive transport policies, along with a relatively extensive and advanced rapid transit network are paying off. Although vehicle traffic is still heavy in the city, Kuala Lumpur has the second-lowest level of sulfur dioxide emissions in the Index.

Kuala Lumpur In The Eyes of the Non-KLites

Living in the outskirts of town or from the kampong or roughly just from the other states in Malaysia, people often mistaken the KL citizens as many ruthless things. We’re not going to deny that some of them are true but mostly they’re wrong. So below are some expectations of the non-KLite peeps versus the reality of the city of Kuala Lumpur.



Expectation:       Background filled with skyscrapers and are really close to each other. Brings feels like they’re living in a concrete jungle where there is a lot of job opportunities and such. People always say “Go KL sure can maju.”

Reality:                 Well, that is the reality. LoL


Expectation:       Carries the image of a classy society A.K.A orang atas. Big multi-story houses, maids helping out, owns more than two cars, good jobs and all the luxurious privileges. They also think that we are less experienced with the rural life like mandi hujan, kejar ayam, spider fight or fishing by the river, etc. We also get misjudged as an air-headed citizen, a lot.

Reality:                 The truth is most of us had the “rural life” experience though the younger generations do not have experience of it. The 90’s peeps would be able to relate to this. Also, KLites are very diverse people and not everyone in KL are big air-heads.


Expectation:       The local food would not be as great as the ones at other states and the prices are not too bad. Whereas the international cuisine would be excellent. Price wise, expensive food be it local cuisine or international cuisine.

Reality:                 Some local food are actually better than those in the other states and the prices can vary depending on the dish (relax guys, we said some not all). Some are definitely priced over-the-top but some are pretty reasonable. Chicken rice, however, is SO much more expensive here than in Penang! The prices are RM 5.50 – RM 7.00 in KL, while in Penang its RM 3.50 – RM 5.00. Whaaaaaaat?!


Expectation:       MAD English language skills!

Reality:                 Great English speakers AND Cantonese speakers! Did you know that almost 80% of the citizens in KL are really good Cantonese speakers? From a hawker stall aunty to the boss of a big-cool company, they actually speak the orthodox Cantonese where if they were to be in Hong Kong, there would not be a language barrier problem.


Expectation:       The lifestyle there is fast-paced and people are often rushing to work, rushing home or rushing to eat. Hence, the terrible heavy traffic at almost every roads in the city.

Reality: Well again, that is the reality of the great KL city.

Obsessed with deep fried chicken wings