Life advice from the Malaysian Uber drivers

We have probably underestimated Uber drivers a little bit. We tend to see them as people who oppose regulations and call them “rich millennials”. The truth is that they are some of the most humble people you could meet, and a lot of them live their life using the freedom provided by Uber app. Here are the best, quirky unconventional pieces of advice given by the spectacular Uber drivers out there.

That’s what they say:

 “Some guys can be douchebags, don’t waste your time on them.”

Just like the riders who request for a ride and then make you to wait for them 20 minutes, while you could be on the way already. If you have someone like this in your life, don’t wait for them. Just ditch them as soon as possible.


“A problem is only a problem when you think it’s a problem. Don’t think of it as a problem!”

Malaysia roads may be a problem to many drivers. Figuring out the way, avoiding the toll routes… But then, you could just look at it like it’s a game, in which the better you perform, the more points you accumulate. It suddenly seems so much more fun! And yeah, be nice and add tips for others on Waze. Good karma will eventually go back to you.


“Stay in school and don’t stop until you get that freaking Diploma.”

You’ll hear this from most of the drivers: if they are your parents’ age, they would tell you how much they care about their kids and their education. Some of them drive Uber in order to raise money for the university fees, actually! Ask them about their stories – you will be stunned with the kind of sacrifices these guys do for their kids!


“Need some advice? Take mine since i don’t use them anyway.”

“If I was younger and richer, here’s what I would do….” “Basically, this is what you should do…” – you’ll hear this a lot from your uncle-age drivers. They seem to possess the knowledge of the whole world – but they gained it too late to use it personally. So what they do it, they just pass it to you and hope that you can still use it. Seriously nice guys, right?


“Don’t ever depend your life on the GPS because you ‘Guna pun Sesat’ .”

Instead, always depend on your driver’s years of experience on the road. The best way might not be even possible to find on Waze (as it might include some not-totally-legal u-turns), but your driver is like an encyclopedia of KL roads. Just relax and let them get you to your destination. They’ve got this.