Malaysian alternatives to saying the “F” word

Let’s all agree here: the “F” word shows more than a hundred sentences. It’s kind of too popular, though. Think about it….and count, how many times do you say it every day….A LOT, RIGHT?!
 Here are the alternative and more hipster ways to curse without being stared at!

Disclaimer: Cover your eyes if it’s too much for you to take. It’s going to get spicy!

1. The Malaysian “F” Word


Ever heard anyone shouting: “What the Fish!!!”? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you have certainly landed in the swear compound of Malaysia. This is a rather ingenious and cheerful alternative form of swearing that is widely accepted. It might be a bit too mild, though. It’s quite popular among aunties. And you don’t want to sound like an auntie, right?

2. Biatch


Biatch is an alternative word to B*tch. What makes it very swag, is that it originated from a gangster term coined by the rap singer, Dr. Dre. While using it, one must be sassy and cool. In most of the cases, Malaysians use it to exaggerate something. 

3. Shiznit!


Shiznit is a far more “urbanised” form of the word shit. It basically means ‘crap’, ‘hell’, and ‘hella tight’. It is generally seen as the last resort when all other means of expression fail.
SHIZNIT! I’m running out of things to add on this list!

4. The ‘Religious’ Swearing


We love cursing at the Almighty with words like “OH GOD!” or “Jesus Christ!” – they’re sometimes used when we’re really frustrated, or amazed by something. Why not create a new term of your own to make the people around you feel less uncomfortable of your potty mouth. Words like ‘Holy Moly’ are negotiable. Bring your swearing to the XXIst century, bro! Come up with your own phrases!