Malaysian Rapper, Kidd Santhe Opens Up About Being Bullied

An ordinary boy named Parssanth Navaratnam, who loved beatboxing as a child at age 10, then went into making music at age 16 and later finally decided to take music as his career path at age 18. Growing up with Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson as his biggest inspiration, Kidd Santhe made it huge with his first hit single, LITNYA last year and recently just dropped another big one, ELAK ELAK in February this year under a growing label, Monster Sound.

Kidd recalls his high school days with us and speaks about being bullied as there was a story behind his recent single, ELAK ELAK.

“Bouncing Man Buns”

In his own words, he explained, “Ever since I was 10, I was a little chubby kid and when I grew older I became even chubbier and just got a little bit taller. I used to get on the school bus and this group of boys at the back – they used to shuffle because that was the “it thing” at that time and they’d make me shuffle and say things like, “Oh look at his man buns bouncing when he shuffle!” and I was really hurt.

“The Fat Milo”

It got worse when LMFAO came out with the Everyday I’m Shufflin’ song because they’d put this in the background and make me shuffle. I still remember that day when my dad pulled me into a room and told me that if I don’t loose weight, my “twitty bird” won’t grow,” he laughed when he was reminiscing those times again. He used to get picked on and people called him “fat milo” because he loved drinking Milo and he seemed like an easy target.


With this as his story, he decided to reach out to those who are facing any form of bullying with his song ELAK ELAK. Kidd Santhe said, “I wanted to love myself and just forget about those people who are constantly bringing me down. And I think if I had a song like Elak Elak when I was bullied in high school, I’d be able to face those people better.”


About Your Bullies, Have You Heard From Them Since? How Would You Handle That?

“If I see them tomorrow, I would start singing, “Look at me now, eh. Look at me now, yeh.” But in all seriousness, I would actually thank them because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be who I am today. The song Elak Elak would never been made if I didn’t go through what I went through, so thank you.”

What Would You Tell The Bullies Out There?

“Weyh, rilek lah doh, tak yah kecohhhh!”

Kidd Santhe with one of our crew

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