Memes You Can Relate To If You’re A Student

Any of the students here love memes? Or do you enjoy reading them? I know that most students are obsessed with memes. Especially memes on FB. What’s good about them? They can entertain you out of your boredom sitting in your student hostel room and I’m pretty sure you won’t get bored just by reading memes all day long. There are some memes that i found on the internet which are relatable to all the students in Malaysia universities!


1. What’s Important?


We know there’s always someone in the class trying so hard to ask for exam tips. Especially those who passed their exam by just reading tips during the exams. But what’s worst is when the lecturer said that EVERYTHING is important.

2. During Exam..



I’m pretty sure everyone has been there before. When you try so hard to think of an answer but then your brain just won’t work. Has anyone been there before when they wanted to think of something during exams but a song lyrics just came into your mind? And it keeps going on non-stop. Well, tbh I’ve been there before and it is the most frustrating thing that always happen to me during exams.

3.  After Exam


This is how you will probably react the moment your exams are finally over! Few of my friend actually acts like this after they finished their exam paper. You’re probably feeling like YAY I’M FINALLY FREEDOM!

4. Study? Yes? No?


I’m pretty sure this had happened to many of you out there! Chilling in the bed doing nothing is definitely 10x better than doing your assignments, or studying for exams. I know most of you will put aside all your assignments and do it on  the day before the deadline. hehehe, actually this happened to me too sometimes..

5. Assignment Due


We all know that one person in our class that always do their assignment very last in night before it’s due. When they do it the night before it’s due, that person will most probably ask their mates or the class on what to do and how to do the assignment. It’s like getting free tips to finish up their assignment.

6. Best Feeling


Haha, all I can say is that this is the best feeling when you finish your assignment. Closing all the tabs is like setting yourself free from studies. As you know, having a lot of tabs open can be a lil bit annoying and confusing at times but at the end of the day closing all the tabs can be one of the most satisfying thing to do right after you finish your assignment.

7. What? What? What?


Whether you are concentrating on what they say or not, there’s actually some times that you really have no ides what’s going on. It like you are trying so hard to understand but actually nah.. your brains just wont concentrate.

8. Maths Maths Maths


Maths is fun until you solve it wrong. Every time you solve a math question, there must be times when the answer is different each time. For those who doesn’t like maths, this must be a problem for you eheheh. Imagine solving a math problem and getting different answer each time, and the last only you’ll probably do is choosing the answer closest to the one you solved.

9. The Expanding Brain


There are people who study two weeks in advance for a test so that they can get ready and make sure to cover all the chapters for the test. There are also people who study the day before the test which is still acceptable. But, there are actually people who study 10-30 minutes before exam.. like wot? Is there even enough time to study tho..? But at the end of the day, some of them still can pass their paper with just enough score to pass.

10. Studying For Finals


People gotta be curious on how can you be so smart right before exam. It’s like a miracle that you can answer everything just in one night. Some people actually memorise what’s coming out and go in for the exam, the next second they come out of the exam hall, they forgot about everything while there’s some people who actually choose to understand what they are actually studying.

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