Most Instagrammable Places In SEGi Kota Damansara

Ya’ll already know that Instagram is the place to be! They say that without it, you live only half of your student life in SEGi Kota Damansara. The SEGi campus in Kota Damansara offers the some Insta-friendly spots to click pictures at. Have you tried them all?

Without further or due, here are the Instagram worthy pictures:

1. The One Every SEGi Student Should Have

This great angle requires you NOT to do much. Just stand there and smile; it will look great!

2. The One Every SEGi Student SURE Have

If you don’t have this, you’re NOT a SEGi-an! JK. But on a serious note, I think most students studying here have this exact same picture. Am I right or nawh?

3. The Classic Stairs

You don’t gotta do anything to have this one. Sitting, standing, lying down or even squatting, it’ll look great on your feed if nothing but the stairs was the background.

4. The OOTD Background

Looking for a perfect background for your OOTD shot? Get a background that matches your outfit color!

5. The Aesthetic One

This makes no sense yet gives so much perception. The greatest part about this picture is that you don’t need anyone to be in it. This piece of art is a great addition for your feed. What do you think tho?

6. The Overachiever

This gives me some 90’s vibe for some weird reason. I would totally have this on my feed if I can find this spot! (P/s: Even though this shot makes a great picture, be REALLY careful when you’re up there!)

If you know any great hangout and hipster place around SEGi University, Kota Damansara, then feel free to share and comment below. We would love to hear more about you!


Zuzanna Ch
World traveller, but with the heart stuck in Malaysia.