Most Stunning Instagrammable Places in SS15

This is not only for bloggers and people who love taking shots of their outfits, but these spots are for EVERYBODY. #OOTD lovers would appreciate this, why? Because SS15, Subang is the most LIT place! You’re probably a student at Inti University, Sunway University, Monash University or Taylor’s Lakeside if you know all this places. A lot of people love chilling at SS15, especially at Asia Café. Speaking of which, if you enjoy cafés, you might just enjoy reading this article, Low-key Best Cafés In SS15 Near INTI Subang.


Great background to flaunt your new outfit from Nerdunit isn’t it? The background is so badass it brings out your garang-ness whether or not you have a #RBF syndrome. It brings the 90’s grunge vibes, don’t you think so?


This one is for all you budak-dak bajet hipster nak mompoz! But honestly though, there’s a lot of ya’ll out there who are too shy to take an #OOTD shot or even being on camera, just like me. I feel you bro. BUT this kinda background tho, you don’t even need to show your face, your back also can dy – will look damn chun. See this girl in the picture, liddat lah. But if you’re asking me how to take a good picture like this, then you should read our article “Expectations vs. Reality: Instagram Boyfriends.”


This should be one of the LRT stations nearby SS15. Looks damn cool sia, got sunlight lagi. Timing quite chun this one. Overall I think this will look cool on your Instagram feed lah. At the same time, it is so aesthetic – a lot of young peeps nowadays quite aesthetic. Their Instagram post three pictures at the same time and looks tersusun. Loll. If you’re this kinda person, then having this picture in your feed will be cool.


Uishh…this one sibeh cool! Hollywood sign vibes lah this bro. Lol! He looks like he’s up there letting go of his feelings, emo all. By the way, have you watched our What’s In The Box Challenge Student Battle: INTI vs Taylor’s? Click to watch! It’s damn geli. XD


Well I guess in the end of the day a bus stop is not only a place for you to wait for buses or for buses to stop to pick you up, it serves more than that! It is also a pretty-cool-not-too-bad-not-too-basic background! I mean how many people you know used this as background lah. Most people would just say, “Yer, ugly eyh. Change location.” If we did miss out on your favourite spot, let us know! Are you from Monash University? Because I think I saw you in the “Stunning Spots in Monash and Sunway That Are Just Made For Instagram” article. *wink*

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