Mount Kinabalu NOT The Highest Peak in South East Asia? WHAT?!

Asians are always talking about how the title “Highest Peak in the World” belongs to them. Our heads and noses held up as high as Mount Everest at 8,848 meters up in the sky. While us, the Malaysians, brags about Mount Kinabalu being the highest peak in South East Asia (SEA) because it is located in the heart of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. Oh by the way, if you’re looking to be one with the nature, you should go Island Hopping in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah; Your Soul Will Thank You Later!

I knew for a fact that Mount Kinabalu was not the highest peak in South East Asia. I honestly thought it was ranked the 3rd highest peak at least. As I dived into researching, I found that Mount Kinabalu is not South East Asia’s top 5 highest peak either! It did not take up much of my time to find out the highest peak in South East Asia to be honest. But to make it slightly easier for you, I will list down accordingly from highest to the lowest peak in South East Asia. The map below shows which countries are in the South East Asian map.

Before that, we’d like to take this opportunity to stand firm in taking care of Mother Nature. We, as the young ones in this world, should have the responsibility of loving the nature and have basic etiquette towards it. We may be just a speck of dust within the galaxy but the Earth is our home. HostelHunting supports going green and saving the earth, so stand firm with us towards this goal and do not liter!

25 Highest Peak in South East Asia From Tallest to Lowest

I KNOW RIGHT?! I was shook too! Mount Kinabalu is ranked NUMBER 23 in South East Asia! OMG! And after all these years we thought it was ranked AT LEAST number 5 in SEA. This is called the Mandela Effect. It is when we are sure we remember something in a particular way, but it turns out we’re WRONG! For an example, some of us remembered that the tip of Pikachu’s tail is black BUT IT ACTUALLY ISN’T! (Click on Mandela Effect to view more examples.)

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