Moving Out From LimKokWing University Cyberjaya Hostel? Where To Stay Near LimKokWing Now??

If you are reading this then I am guessing that you are planning to move out from the infamous Lim Kok Wing Cyberjaya Student Hostel right? Or you are looking for Lim Kok Wing University Cyberjaya reviews. We have heard a lot from the students regarding the hostel, some say it is good, it is okay while the others said do not ever stay there!

Well, we can’t help you much as we are not the one staying there and those are your own personal opinion from your experience! Those who are or were staying the student accommodations provided by Lim Kok Wing University, comment on our Facebook about your opinions and why!

From what we read on Lim Kok Wing website, it seems like it is a very good place to stay for their students! There are food court and free breakfast from Monday to Friday. Say what?! There are also convenience stores, cybercafe and clinic nearby! To make it better? Free WiFi in the hostel. Sounds like a perfect place to stay for students right? There is even a bus service that will pick you up from the hostel and drop you off at the university for the cost of RM90 per month.

But here is the catch… You must stay in the hostel for the first 6 months of your study?? Really?? Is this true Lim Kok Wing students? Tell us more about this. Okay let’s move on to the important part, you are here to find a new accommodation near Lim Kok Wing right? A cheap student hostel that is near Lim Kok Wing sounds heavenly right? We have a few options for you here! Perfect for the local students and international students in Lim Kok Wing!

1. Garden Residence (Cyberjaya)


The perfect place for students in Lim Kok Wing because it is only a 5 minutes drive away from Lim Kok Wing campus. Even better? Putrajaya Sentral is only 12 minutes away by car which makes it perfect for international students! You don’t have to worry about getting transportation to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA/KLIA2), just get a Grab/UBER or even Riding Pink from Garden Residence. It will only cost you RM6 and from Putrajaya Sentral to KLIA1 or KLIA2 is only RM9.40. Which means you spend only RM15.40 to go to the airport or from KLIA to Garden Residence compare to spending RM45 on Grab and RM37 on UBER.

Price range: RM500-RM1,100

2. Garden Plaza (Cyberjaya)



Garden Plaza only a few km away from the first option which was Garden Residence, the only different between these two are the fact that Garden Residence is a landed property and Garden Plaza is a serviced condominium. The driving distance to Lim Kok Wing is only 4 minutes which is why it is one of the best rooms to stay near Lim Kok Wing. There is also a shopping mall nearby for your convenience.

Layout of the apartment





Price range: RM550-RM2,200

3. The Place (Cyberjaya)



The Place is a studio and duplex apartment that is located 1 minute away from Lim Kok Wing University and it is the nearest apartment to Lim Kok Wing as it is only 5 minutes walk to the campus. The only downside of the apartment is because it is a studio apartment, the tenants need to rent the whole apartment which cost a lot. We are not certain you can share the apartment with others, you need to make agreement with the house owner but this is a highly recommended apartment because it is located in a very strategic location and convenient with stores and eateries nearby. Can you believe that this apartment is sold out in just a few months and only available for rent now? Well unless someone wants to sell it.. If you have the extra money, stay here and enjoy your study in Lim Kok Wing in this beautiful apartment. (Plus you never know if your lecturer is staying next to you!)

Price range: RM1,200-RM1,800

That’s the top 3 houses and rooms available for rent right now on our website! If you’re interested in a room, please do not hesitate to contact us at +60 3-2201 1125 or visit our website www.hostelhunting.com  for more information!

We hope to hear from you soon!


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